Bridal Fashion: Jewelry For Beyond The Wedding To Be Worn Time & Again

Bridal Fashion: Jewelry For Beyond The Wedding

When a bride dons her attire on her wedding day, she knows that while she will never again wear the same white dress, the engagement ring & wedding band on her finger will be with her always. The ring doesn’t have to be the only thing she wears again. If a bride is smart the jewelry she purchases to wear on her big day can be worn time and time again afterwards.  

Here’s how to do it… 


Of all the jewelry types that a bride can wear, earrings are the most versatile. Depending on her personal style, a woman has several options that she can purchase to be used again for formal or casual events. The trick here is to keep them simple and classic. Chandelier and statement earrings will likely be less useful after the event

Pearl Earrings

Diamond Earrings

Hoop Earrings


Necklaces chosen on a wedding day depend on the cut of the wedding dress’s neckline. While boho and non-traditional brides may prefer a layered or choker look, classic brides might prefer pearls or a sparkling pendant. Once again, the idea is to keep the piece chic, yet elegant. When these two meet, the necklace will be perfect for day-to-day wear or other formal occasions.  


The bracelet that will go miles after a wedding is the bangle. Gold, white, or gem detailed, these are a staple piece for any outfit on any occasion. They add an elegant touch to a wedding dress without stealing the spotlight from the ring, but also complete an outfit for an evening out at dinner. 

If you are uncertain which jewelry pieces will suit you best on your wedding day and grace you for years to come, stop into one of our locations and our in-house professionals will be happy to assist you! 

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