From Minimalist To Colorful: Hamilton Has Jewelry For Any Modern Bride

Wedding Day Fine Jewelry For Every Modern Bride’s Individual Style

The modern bride is a difficult woman to pigeon hole. She is confident in her own skin and she is true to her own style. In a time when individuality is prized over tradition, this is the bride that does things her own way. It also means that the modern bride doesn’t fit any one style, but can be one of many new styles sweeping the chapel.

The Minimalist Modern Bride

The minimalist modern bride can be expected to wear a simple white dress. No ball gowns, no sequins or flourishes. She’s a beauty that doesn’t need to adorn her own self with lavishness to look the part of a bride. The décor of her event will be simple. Her fine jewelry will always add the finishing touch, but never take center stage. Typically, her pieces will be dainty and may include geometric designs. Fortunately, many fine jewelry designers have caught onto this trend and make stunning minimalist gold and diamond jewelry (which looks gorgeous with white).

Minimalist Modern Bride Fine Necklaces For Her Wedding Day

Necklaces worn by minimalist modern brides are simple yet refined. They feature simple designs, and their chain length is chosen to complement the neckline of their dress. (See: Hamilton’s 5 Tips: How To Accessorize Your Wedding Dress With Jewelry)

A Minimalist Modern Bride Wears Delicate, Simple Earrings

The earrings worn by a modern bride with minimalist taste will not be large and flashy. They will be small and graceful, potentially sporting a geometric design. If the latter is done correctly, this is a bride that dazzles while staying true to her style.

Bracelets For The Minimalist Modern Bride

If a minimalist bride chooses to wear a bracelet on her big day, she will likely opt for a single bangle. The bracelet can have a touch of design, but this is a lady who doesn’t want jingle bells to herald her down the aisle.

The Chic Modern Bride

The chic modern bride brings Breakfast At Tiffany’s to the new era. This is the woman whose dress code is black tie and her décor is a classic black and white. Everything about this bride’s wedding day says elegance, and her jewelry is no exception. With a modern spin on classic pearls and diamonds, she presents herself a queen as she walks down the aisle.

Necklaces Worn By The Chic Modern Bride

Necklaces are the best way for a chic modern bride to show off her style with jewelry. Whether it’s a new take on pearls or a display of diamonds, the necklace has the potential to seal her look.

Chic & Modern Bridal Earrings

The chic modern bride will be new-age classic in all things, and her earrings are no exception. Expect this bride to sport diamond or pearl studs or even elegant dangle earrings.

Fine Bracelets A Chic Modern Bride Will Wear

A chic bride will don a bracelet that is both beautiful and simple, but doesn’t take the attention away from her engagement ring. Like with her necklaces, it will put a modern spin on traditional classics.

The Colorful Modern Bride

One trend that makes modern brides stand out from their traditional peers, is that many flaunt color on their big day—and not just a little “something blue.” From pink gowns to colorful makeup and fine jewelry, brides are stepping away from the “white washed” look of traditional weddings. This is a woman with a personality and individuality. If anyone thinks she is going to drop that for one day, they’re just plain wrong! From the dress shop to the jewelry store, modern brides are spicing up their day with color.

Colorful Necklaces For The Modern Bride

The jewelry chosen by a colorful modern bride should complement her look without over doing it. If a colorful bride chooses to wear a necklace, it should not be loud and bulky. That would take the attention away from the dress and ring. Instead, she will opt for a necklace that is elegant without taking the spotlight. Simplicity is best here.

Colored Gemstone Earrings For A Modern Bride’s Touch Of Color

When it comes to a colorful modern bride, one of the best ways she can show her style is with the earrings. Where a necklace may be more subdued to not overpower the look, the earrings can shine! Fine colored gemstone earrings are a great way to add bold color in both a fun and sophisticated way.

A Rainbow of Bracelets To Color A Bride’s Day Beautifully

For a modern bride who wants to show off her colorful personality, a colored gemstone bracelet is a great way to add that pop! It also works to draw attention to the hands, as well as the star of the show: the engagement ring.

Whatever your style as a modern bride, Hamilton has the fine jewelry to complete your look. With over 100 years of experience, our in house experts are here to help you make the best and most confident decisions. Come into one of our locations or give us a call to begin your journey down the aisle in style!

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