Rock Your Wedding Day As An Alternative Bride With This Fine Jewelry

The Rock n’ Roll Fine Jewelry For The Alternative Bride On Her Wedding Day

The Alternative Bride is a lady all Rock n’ Roll. Her wedding will by no means be whitewashed and traditional. She’s not afraid to show some skin, and if she’s got tats, you bet she’s going to flaunt her art. This is a bride whose dress has splashes of color and uses a denim jacket to keep her shoulders warm. Her make up is bold. Her hair is stunning. And her fine jewelry makes a statement.

Necklaces For The Alternative Bride On Her Wedding Day

Unless an alternative bride is wearing a dress with a high neckline or has tattoos on her neck/chest, bold necklaces are the way to go. Chunky statement pieces with color are right up her ally, especially if the dress she’s chosen is on the simpler side (by simpler we mean, no frills or ‘busy’ detail on the top of the dress).

Coomi Affinity 20k Gold and Rose Quartz necklace
Coomi 20k Gold and Opal Affinity Pendant
Charles Krypell Sterling Silver Ivy and Sapphire Necklace

Bold & Stacked Bracelets For A Rock n’ Roll Flare On A Wedding Day

One of the signature looks for an alternative bride is layered jewelry, specifically her bracelets. Where other brides would shy away from overwhelming their wrists, choosing to have the engagement ring as the centerpiece, this woman takes the opposite view. She flaunts that ring by bringing all the attention to the hand and sticks to her style by doing so. This is why bangles and chunky bracelets are her best friend— especially since she can rock them long after the wedding is over!

Pesavento DNA Spring 18k Rose Gold Vermeil Bracelet
Coomi 20K Open Serenity Flower Bracelet
Etho Maria 18k Gold and Rose Cut Diamond Wide Bracelet

Earrings Pair With The Hair, Not The Dress For The Alternative Bride

Alternative brides have the most diverse hairstyles: short & cropped, shaved on the side, dreadlocks, thick and curled, or even waist-length locks. Her hair isn’t just part of her style, it’s her ultimate expression. The earrings this bride chooses will coordinate with her wedding day hairstyle above all else. For an all-around solution, drop earrings with funky shapes or sparkling color is the best way to go.

Roberto Coin Roman Barocco Sunburst Diamond Earrings
Etho Maria 18k Gold and Tanzanite Drop Earrings
Kavant and Sharart Origami 18k Rose Gold and Ruby Earrings

Alternative Brides Flaunt Their Edge With Black Jewelry

Leave that “something blue” for the traditional brides. An alternative bride can tastefully show off her punk-rock style and edge with elegant black fine diamond jewelry.

Etho Maria 18k Blacked Gold and Diamond Choker Necklace
Repossi Antifer 18k Gold and Black Rhodium Diamond Bracelet

The alternative bride has a unique style, and bringing into her wedding day attire can be difficult. Fine jewelry helps her to make the statement she desires and the sales representatives at any of our Hamilton locations are here to help. For over 100 years, we’ve been helping brides select the perfect jewelry to accessorize their wedding dress on their big day