How To Buy Children’s Jewelry: Birthdays, Special Occasions & More

How To Buy Children’s Jewelry: Birthdays, Holidays, Special Occasions, Just Because

The Perfect Birthday Gift For Children: Birthstones

No matter how old the child is that you wish to give a gift to, birthstones are always acceptable and appreciated. A birthstone is a personalized piece of jewelry that adds both color and sparkle to a collection.

Birthstones By Month

January: Garnet

14K 3mm Garnet Birthstone January Stud Earrings

February: Amethyst

14K 3mm Amethyst Birthstone February Stud Earrings

March: Aquamarine

14K 3mm Aquamarine Birthstone March Stud Earrings

April: Diamond

14K April Birthstone Stud Earrings

May: Emerald

14K 5mm Emerald Birthstone May Stud Earrings

June: Pearl

14K 5mm Pearl Birthstone June Stud Earrings

July: Ruby

14K 3mm Ruby Birthstone July Stud Earrings

August: Peridot

14K 5mm Peridot Birthstone August Stud Earrings

September: Sapphire

14K 5mm Sapphire Birthstone September Stud Earrings

October: Opal

14K 5mm Opal Birthstone October Stud Earrings

November: Citrine

14K 5mm Citrine Birthstone November Stud Earrings

December: Zircon

14K 3mm Zircon Birthstone December Stud Earrings

Cute Designs Children Will Love For Special Occasions or Just Because

Just as it would seem inappropriate to dress children in clothing better suited for adults, the style of jewelry for children should also be appropriate. Sweet and cute designs with animals or shapes add a touch of charm while still looking like finery. Choose pieces that have colorful enamel to add extra appeal for children. Such jewelry pieces are good to gift for holidays or to give just because. After all, children smile in awe of jewelry just as much as adults. For them, it is truly a special gift.

Children Are The Future: Gift Them Jewelry Mementos For Life

Often times, the jewelry a person is given as a child becomes one of the most precious pieces in their collection. Even when they outgrow the tiny bracelet or ring, it stays in their jewelry box fondly. Years later that person can pull out the same jewelry they were given and gift it to their own child. The pride and wonder a child feels when a parent says, “My dad gave this to me when I was your age, and I want you to have it now,” is something no video game or doll dream house can ever measure up to.

Examples of Fine Jewelry Memento Gifts

  • · Gold bracelets and pendants
  • · Small diamond earrings
  • · Children sized rings (these often can be worn as a pinky ring when they grow up)
  • · “Add A Pearl” necklaces (a girl is given a pearl at each holiday, birthday, or special occasion until she has a complete strand to wear on her wedding day or any fine occasion)

Note: A great way to really make a fine jewelry gift like this special is to have it personalized or engraved.

A Guide To Personalized Jewelry

Religious Children’s Gifts For Baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs, Bat Mitzvahs, Communions & Spiritual Protection

At milestone points in a child’s religious journey, it is appropriate to give a gift that represents that faith and your wish for that child to be under the protection of a higher power. From crosses and crucifixes to Stars of David and guardian angels, religious jewelry comes in all types and styles, though pendants are the most common. Giving a religious fine jewelry piece also makes a child feel like he or she is accepted and part of a greater community, giving them a sense of belonging, hope, and faith.

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