How Much Should You Spend On A Diamond Engagement Ring?

How The 4C’s of Diamonds Affects the Price of An Engagement Ring

The Hamilton Select .50CT I-J/SI Engagement Ring GIA CertifiedWhen it comes to spending money on a diamond engagement ring, the first thing to know is that you can toss the two-month salary rule out the window. Times have changed and so has the cost of living and expenses such as student debt that were not around when this “rule” was made. With financing available to match your own budget and lifestyle expenses, the price of a diamond ring is selective to a person’s financial situation. An engagement ring should be a symbol of love and a token of devotion, not ostentatiousness. Whatever your engagement ring budget may be, it is important to know the value of diamonds, and how their prices are affected by the 4C’s of diamond grading. This will help you to make a confident and educated decision when buying such an important piece of jewelry.

How A Diamond’s Carat Weight Affects Its Price

Centennial 18K Gold and Pear Shape Diamond Engagement RingGenerally, the larger a diamond is the more expensive it will be. Larger diamonds are rarely found compared to smaller ones, making them more desirable. Still, size isn’t everything, and a small colored diamond, such as blue or yellow, is more luxurious with a big price. The accepted rule of thumb is that a diamond twice the carat of another will cost about four (4) times more. (Ex: If 1.00ct is $1,000, then 2.00ct would be $4,000.) A buyer should be on the look out for opportunities to purchase a diamond that does not meet the cut off weight (0.5, 0.75, 1.0, etc...) because these will look like a stone of a slightly larger carat size to the naked eye, but will have a much smaller price tag.

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How Diamond Cut Affects Price

18K Rose Gold Engagement Ring MountingWhen it comes to choosing a diamond, the cut of a diamond can affect the price anywhere from $100-$900. This is, of course, comparing diamonds of the same color, carat and clarity grade Understanding how the cut affects the price of a diamond can help a person purchasing an engagement ring get a stone of significant carat within their budget.
  1. 1. Round
  2. 2. Marquise
  3. 3. Pear
  4. 4. Oval
  5. 5. Cushion
  6. 6. Emerald
  7. 7. Radiant
  8. 8. Asscher
  9. 9. Princess
  10. 10. Heart

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How Diamond Color Will Affect Its Price

18K White Gold Three Stone Diamond Emerald Cut Engagement Mounting Ring It’s a common misconception that diamonds are white, or clear, only. They can be found in almost every color, but since true colored diamonds are exceptionally rare, jewelers do not often promote them. Since they are so rare, colored diamonds will have a staggering price tag. However, color irregularity in a white diamond is seen as a defect. Yellow-tint or discoloration in a white diamond will decrease its price tag. White diamond color is graded on a scale from D-Z. D is a perfectly clear diamond, free from any color impurity. With each grade, the color is intensified, making the diamond cloudy and lowering the price. A 1.00ct diamond with an IF clarity grade will drop in price anywhere from $1,000- $11,000 depending on the color grade. Tip: Diamonds under 1.00 carat can be of a lower color grade for an engagement ring because the color difference will not be as noticeable to the naked eye.

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A reputable jeweler will always be candid about the grading and quality of a diamond. Hamilton Jewelers has over 100 years of experience in fine jewelry, diamonds and engagement rings. Trust us to help you find the perfect ring for your budget at the best grading quality.