Female Fine Jewelry Designers Answer Questions & Give Words Of Wisdom

Get To Know Some Of The World’s Best Female Fine Jewelry Designers

This May, Hamilton Jewelers attended the extravagant Couture Show in Las Vegas, the premier trades show for fine jewelry and its dazzling designers. We had a chance to talk with some of the most influential and brilliant women designers of our time, and we are proud to share their words of wisdom and encouragement with you.

Chantecler | Goshwara | Gumuchian | Ippolita | Jade Trau | Marli | Temple St. Clair

Chantecler: Fine Jewelry Designer Inspired By The Exotic Italian Island of Capri

Maria Elena, Chantecler Company OwnerMaria Elena is the company owner and designer of the whimsical and lovely Chantecler jewelry.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self when you were embarking on your career in jewelry?

A: Especially at the beginning of the journey as an entrepreneur in the jewelry business, it is extremely important to be personally involved and active in every aspect of day-by-day work. Only by knowing and understanding this world in depth, the young designer can find the right answers to the expectations of a demanding public who looks for a dream in a jewel. Another suggestion: the mind and the heart must be always open, full of curiosity and receptive to the signs of a constantly changing world. Today jewelry faces many trends, communication styles and needs competing with new luxury product categories.

Goshwara: American Designed Fine Jewelry

Sweta Jain, Goshwara Designer & PresidentSweta Jain is the New Jersey born Goshwara designer and president, bringing American designs to the runway.

Q: Hamilton Jewelers, after 104 years in the business is very proud to partner with women entrepreneurs. What is your favorite aspect of working with Hamilton?

A: I have loved Hamilton as a store forever. Being a New Jersey local I was always familiar with them. Apart from that I love the team and most importantly I love the fact that it is a trendy store and has not shied away from showing some bold and unusual pieces.

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Gumuchian: Fine Jewelry Designed By Women For Women

Anita Gumuchian and her daughters, Myriam & Patricia, Gumuchian Owners & DesignersA dream two generation in the making, the Gumunchian women are dazzling the New York runways.

Q: What has been your most cherished moment or milestone in your jewelry career?

A (Myriam): I am fortunate to say that the respect I have received in this industry is what I’m proudest of. We are an extremely close knit Jewelry family and Gumuchian has been extremely lucky to have been recognized by the biggest associations in our industry. We received our first designer of the year award at annual WJA awards evening back in the early 90’s, recently they gave us the Corporate award at WJA. Of course winning a few Couture awards has been amazing too and receiving the triple zero award from the American Gem society a couple years ago was truly an honor that I took to heart. Being inducted into the 24KT club of NYC was also a wow moment for me as well as being asked to join the board and be the President 8 years after being a member is something I consider invaluable.

Ippolita: Classic Florentine Designer Jewelry With A Modern Edge

Ippolita Rostagno, Founder & Designer of IppolitaIppolita began her jewelry dreams in 1999 and has been a driving force to propel fine jewelry into the world of fashion.

Q: Couture is the premier event where the jewelry industry gathers to connect, collaborate and conduct business. Tell us why Couture is important to you and your brand.

A: Couture provides industry leaders and industry insiders an opportunity to engage with one another on unparalleled levels. The collaborative culture and structure of The Couture Show allow participants to build on existing relationships and create new relationships by providing a platform that invites each person to take the time and care to clearly and personally articulate their visions, inspirations, partnership opportunities and growth plans. The amount of focus and preparation required to execute a successful Couture forces you (and everyone on your team) to dig deeper, analyze longer and strategize harder than anyone may initially realize. As a result, the energy and mutual respect shared amongst Couture participants can’t be emulated in any other setting - the end result is both gratifying and rewarding.

Jade Trau: True New York Originated Fine Jewelry Designs

Jade Lustig, Founder & Creative Director of Jade TrauA New York City native, Jade designs her fine jewelry with taste and unexpectedness.

Q: What advice would you give to your younger self when you were embarking on your career in jewelry?

A: Oh my...SO much advice. I would tell myself that if you're not taking a risk that you're not really trying. I would remind myself that my 15 years as a diamond buyer gives me a unique perspective as a designer and I shouldn't take it for granted or downplay that important part of my journey in this industry. I would tell my younger self I should have worked at Hamilton Jewelers for a year before starting my line so I could see how a jewelry store sells designer jewelry.

MARLI: Fine Jewelry With Minimal & Magnetic Aesthetic

Maral Artinian, Founder & Designer of MARLI creationsA New York brand, Maral designs her jewelry from the inspiration of America’s greatest metropolis and the women in it.

Q: Hamilton Jewelers, after 104 years in the business is very proud to partner with women entrepreneurs. What is your favorite aspect of working with Hamilton?

A: All the MARLI Team loves working with Hamilton because everyone is very professional, incredibly knowledgeable about their customers and market and clearly have a very long time experience in the industry. However, what I see in Hamilton is not only that they have been there for a long time, but that they will be there for a long time. Hamilton is future-oriented, ready for what could happen next. You know, the idea behind the MARLI pieces is always to create pieces for a woman who wants to be ready for what could happen next. This may be one of the reasons I feel a strong connection between Hamilton and MARLI New York: use the past to create a new future.

Temple St. Clair: Modern Designer Jewelry With Renaissance Inspiration

Temple St. Clair Carr, Founder & Creative Mind Behind the Temple St. Clair DesignsTemple St. Clair takes her inspiration from the Italian Renaissance masters of Florence who forever shaped the world of art.

Q: What has been your most cherished milestone in your jewelry career?

A: The past thirty some years have been punctuated by many moments of inspiration and joy. Some of the greatest experiences have been the creation of my books, Alchemy and The Golden Menagerie but the culminating moment is probably when my Tolomeo pendant became part of the Louvre’s permanent collection in the Decorative Arts Museum in Paris. These are milestones that I share with my family, team and extended partnerships including goldsmiths, artisans, stone dealers, retailers and everyone who contributes to what we create.