How to Accessorize for Any Occasion

Times may change, but one thing remains true – accessories are crucial to completing any outfit. To truly elevate your ensemble, adding one, two, or even three carefully selected accessories can transform it from a work in progress to a finished masterpiece. However, there is an art to accessorizing. The goal with accessories is to wear the jewelry, not have it wear you. So, how do you look fabulous without the sparkle of your jewelry outshining the sparkle of your smile? We’ve got some ideas that will keep YOU front and center, and your accessories doing what they should do – playing the supporting role.  

Everyday Casual

Casual is as it says – casual. That doesn’t mean no personality, though. In the realm of casual fashion, accessories have the power to elevate one's overall look. They offer more than just a final touch to an outfit; they allow your style to truly shine. By blending accessories with your existing wardrobe, you can craft a signature look that's unique to you.  

With casual attire, your best bet for convenience and versatility is to stick with precious metals, simply because they add a bit of flavor while also not looking out of place with jeans and a t-shirt. Feel free to add a splash of color. It can lighten up the look and add a bit of whimsy or daring, depending on what direction you choose. 

Layering is the look these days. Play with textures, styles, and lengths, like pairing a chunky chain with a few delicate strands of varying lengths and top it off with a neckline-accentuating accent piece. Mix and match bangles. Double up on rings. If in doubt, stack it up.  

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Yes, Apple watches seem to be taking over wrists everywhere, but when it comes to style, a classic watch does wonders to present a casual yet sophisticated look. 

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Transition from Day to Night

Simple and versatile are key when it comes to accessories that transition well from day to night. A diamond pendant or a strand of pearls, diamond studs or pearl earrings...these are timeless options that bridge the gap beautifully between day and night. Plus, they never go out of style and can be paired with just about any outfit, making them a smart investment as well.  

Of course, don’t be afraid to add a little color. It helps to brighten up your look during the day and lighten it up at night.  

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Dinner Date

What’s your sign? Dinner dates are the perfect opportunity to show off your personality in conversation and in style. You want to make a good impression, but you don’t want to give a false impression of who you are. Whatever you wear, stay true to who you are, but don’t forget to dress for the date. You probably wouldn’t wear an evening gown or tux if you’re going to dinner at a casual restaurant any more than you would wear a t-shirt and ripped jeans to a 5-star establishment. Choose your accessories with that in mind. 

Also, you don’t want to wear anything that would interfere with the mood. Too many bangles that rattle every time you move or a statement piece that draws attention away from your face (especially from your eyes, those all-important windows to the soul) detract from what SHOULD be the center of your date’s attention – YOU. A little hint – adding some sparkle to your ears tends to keep their eyes on your face.  

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Wedding and Black-Tie Events

Weddings and black-tie events are the perfect time to pull out the big guns when it comes to sparkle and shine. Before you choose your accessories for any wedding or black-tie event, though, it’s best to choose your outfit and then base your accessories on that. If you choose to wear a sequined dress, for example, you don’t want to pair it with statement pieces because you will draw attention away from the gown and from you. If you wear a simple outfit, however, such as a long black dress or a classic tuxedo, you can choose more flamboyant and colorful accessories, as they will complement your outfit rather than fight with it.  

Also, consider the time and location of the wedding. Outdoor and afternoon weddings tend to be more casual than evening ones. However, if the invitation says black-tie or black-tie optional, dress and accessorize accordingly.  

No matter what you choose, however, make sure it’s something you are comfortable wearing. You don’t want to miss out on enjoying an experience because you’re too focused on worrying about whether your earrings might get caught in your hair or your diamond bracelet may slip off.  

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Overall Accessory Do’s and Don’ts

While accessories are a personal choice, there are some tips to keep in mind that will keep you looking sharp and stylish. 

For the do’s: 

  • If you go big earrings, go small necklace, and vice versa 
  • Stick to ONE signature statement piece at a time
  • Choose your outfit first and then add your accessories accordingly
  • Pick a focal point – ears, neck, hands – and build the rest of your accessories around it
  • Color goes a long way, which means too much can overwhelm, but not enough and it gets lost 

For the don’ts: 

  • Don’t draw attention to yourself at inappropriate times – flamboyant color and excess is not appropriate at a funeral, for example
  • Don’t overwhelm the outfit or yourself with too much of anything – you don’t want to get lost in your jewelry
  • Don’t forget the smaller items, like rings
  • Don’t mix too many different styles – your accessories should complement your outfit, not clash with it 

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