Choosing The Perfect Gift With Princeton Event Planner, Mary Harris

Ask the Expert: How to Choose the Right Party Gift with Mary Harris

Looking for the perfect wedding, birthday, or hostess gift? We sat down with local Princeton event planner and etiquette coach, Mary Harris of Mary Harris Events, to chat about must have entertaining items! We learned that the key is to marry elegance with function. This way your gift will be both useful and treasured for years to come.  

Let’s see which gift pieces Mary Harris said were her favorite! 

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Mary Harris sips from a tea cup.

Occasion: Wedding Gift 

fine crystal bowl, see through

When choosing wedding gift its important to choose something that the young couple can use but won’t go out of fashion. You want to select a gift that will hold its value and always look lovely when they take it out to use and entertain. Conclusion: you can’t go wrong with fine crystal.  

“I have a soft spot for Simon Pearce crystal.  My mother had great taste and I bought pieces for her on special occasions.  The crystal Shelbourne Bowl is a nice starter to begin a new couple's collection.  If you happen to be in Vermont, I had a lovely lunch in their shop and restaurant on the river.”— Mary Harris 

Hamilton’s Wedding Gift Picks 

metal tray with flowers and a cheese knife
two mugs labeled mr. and mrs.
crystal cork
set of 6 shot glasses and a red box with a bow

Occasion: Baby Gift 

hand-painted porcelain tooth fairy box with a pink bunny and gold trim

When welcoming a new baby, you want to choose something precious and appropriate that won’t get discarded or become a hand-me-down once the child is grown. Select a gift that the mother will adore to use and the baby will always have as a keepsake or heirloom for their own child one day. 

“When someone has a baby I never order off the registry. I always like to give an heirloom-worthy gift to the new arrival like the Herend hand-painted porcelain tooth fairy box.  It will get lots of use!”—Mary Harris 

Hamilton’s Baby Gift Picks

tiny weight
small porcelain item with paint
tiny metal trinket with two ducks under an umbrella
small metal cylinder with a casing

Birthday Gifts 

When choosing a birthday gift, you have to think of the person’s individual taste, and what they will find useful. Keep in mind that if you have someone who is difficult to buy for, the more useful and unique the present is, the better. The modern woman is always on the go, but appreciates the bonds she makes with those around her. Choose things that will help her stay organized or have a personal touch. For men, choose something that is thoughtful and that he wouldn’t normally buy for himself.  

Hamilton’s Birthday Gift Picks

make-up box with drawers and a mirror
fancy gator skin playing-card holder
leaver case
blackboard with metal leaves as border

No matter what occasion, Hamilton has a vast selection of high-quality curated giftware. With so many lovely items to choose from and Mary’s expert advice, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! If you need any assistance, one of our associates will be happy help you make a perfect selection. Just give us a call as you browse online.