Gifts for Mother’s Day to Appreciate the Many Jobs of a Mother

Even though a mother’s role is highly rewarding, it is not for the faint of heart. The hours are a bit crazy, and the job description alone seems endless. Cheerleader. Therapist. Chef. Housekeeper. Nurse. Taxi driver. Secretary. And the list goes on.  

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show our moms, or the motherly figures in our lives, the level of appreciation we have for them. From being our biggest cheerleader, to our protector, or a listening ear when we need it, they have done everything they can to ensure the children in their care have the best lives. This is a reason to celebrate the role of “Mother” and to give respect and thanks to the unconditional love showered upon us daily. This is exactly why we at Hamilton have created a wonderfully curated gift guide to spoil all of the different motherly figures in our lives. Come and see all our Mother’s Day gifts! 

A Little Sparkle

We don’t want to be cliché, but we do have a few beautiful pieces for the mom in your life who loves fine jewelry. From the popular stackable jewelry look to birthstone pieces Hamilton has the perfect fit. 

Temple St. Clair Yellow Gold Astrid Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet has a lot of symbolism attached to it. Part of the Celestial collection, on the outside of this bracelet are carvings representing the planets. The ones closest to the sun are ruled by the diamonds. The ones farthest from the sun are ruled by the sapphires. However, the quote from Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy engraved inside the bangle is the most special, “The love that moves the sun and other stars.” Perfect for the literary minded mom, this bracelet is a stunner.


Stackable Bangles

This bangle from the Hamilton Heritage Collection boasts beautiful filigree and milgrain edges. Made from 18k white gold with 177 diamonds that have a total carat weight of 1.50 carats, this bangle is a perfect addition to a stacked look.


Birthstone Jewelry

Whether you want to gift mom a beautiful piece with their birthstone or would like to give them a piece with your child’s birthstone, Hamilton Jewelers has an extensive selection of birthstone jewelry. For a funkier take on birthstones this David Yurman evil eye necklace with a blue sapphire is perfect solo or layered with other necklaces.


Self Care

Create a little cozy self care corner for the mom in your life. Whether they need it to meditate, read, or drink a cup of tea in peace acknowledging that your mom deserves a quiet place for her will be much appreciated. Hamilton has an array of candles, room diffusers, pillows, and throws to create a little haven for your mom.  

Nest Rattan Driftwood and Chamomile Candle

This candle with a rattan sleeve that will fit any Nest New York 3-wick candle has a relaxing scent with notes of chamomile, sandalwood, driftwood, and vanilla bean. Sure to set a relaxing mood for when your overstimulated mom needs a moment of peace.  


Sarah Euro Pillow

This beautifully embroidered euro pillow with a nod to the artists of Uzbekistan is the perfect comfort for mom’s serenity space, bed, or anywhere in your home that might be calling for a pop of color. 


Sferra Terzo Navy Throw

Sferra Terzo throw blankets are made from the softest cotton in versatile colors with a classic basket weave pattern. This navy throw is the perfect neutral for any room for mom to cozy up under with their favorite book or to binge their favorite show.  


Keepsake Gifts

Keepsake gifts are perhaps the favorite category for Mother’s Day gift giving. Capturing time with a beautiful portrait of the family framed in a beautiful frame is always a sure-fire way to make mom happy. An engraved piece of jewelry, a charm for their charm bracelet, or a locket are wonderfully sentimental gifts. Hamilton Jewelers has the best keepsake gifts to commemorate this Mother’s Day. 

Michael Aram Olive Branch Picture Frame

For the moms who love sentimental tokens this stunning Michael Aram olive branch frame will highlight your family portrait. 


Rondel Jewelry Victorian Oval Locket

This 18k gold locket inspired by the Victorian era holds two pictures with beautifully ornate design elements. Perfect for the new mom, Grandma, or that motherly figure in your life.  


Charm Bracelet

This beautiful 14k yellow gold charm bracelet is the perfect start to years of meaninful gifts. As the years go by fill your mom’s charm bracelets with thoughtful charms for all of the moments in life to celebrate. 


The Wine Enthusiast

Every mom has their thing. If yours is an aspiring sommelier or just loves a crisp glass of white after a long day or a full-bodied cabernet by the fireplace, consider some wine inspired gifts. Don’t forget her favorite bottle to accompany it! 

Baccarat Chateau White Wine Glasses

These Baccarat white wine glasses are perfectly designed from the lip to the stem. The wide rounded bowl aerates the wine, and the tapered lip prevents the wine from rising too high on the glass when swirled.  


Simon Pearce Vintage Wine Decanter

This beautiful decanter with a curvaceous shape will open your wine while being a stylish addition to your bar or dining room table. With its nonporous marble stopper, no wine will ever stain.  


Wine Lovers Curiosities Cabinet

For those moms that are becoming or are serious wine collectors this wine lover's curiosities cabinet has all the tools you need. The walnut cabinet made in France holds a wire cutter, metal garcon, wine thermometer, a map of France, and more.  


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