Hamilton Jeweler’s Six Secrets To Buying Jewelry On Valentine’s Day

Six Secrets Of Valentine’s Day Jewelry Shopping

Ladies and gentlemen, the big day of love and appreciation is approaching: Valentine’s Day. Roses, chocolates, and teddy bears are the typical go to items. Roses and dinner alone can easily cost an average of $300. Let’s rethink this shall we? What can you get that will show your appreciation, be appreciated for years to come, last the test of time, and give you the most for your money without ever depreciating in value: jewelry. Many people find giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day intimidating. Many fear making too grand a gesture or purchasing an item that the recipient will not like. Fortunately, Hamilton’s century of experience has learned all the tips and tricks to success...

The Secrets To Jewelry Success

Know Your Budget

Think about how much you were planning to spend on the holiday’s cliché gifts and tokens of affection. Instead let the sum of those added numbers be your guideline, and stick to it! Valentine’s Day is a beautiful holiday for celebrating love and each other, but you should only buy what you feel comfortable spending. After all, a purchase of fine jewelry should be a proud and confident one.

Watch What They Wear

People specifically choose which clothes they wear each day and which jewelry they don to accompany their outfit. Does your special someone wear simple gold, or perhaps they are never without a bracelet? Pay attention to the design styles as well: modern or classic? Notice what they like to wear and let this be your starting point. Pay attention to the metal. Some people only wear silver or white gold, others gold. Many are now falling into the rose gold trend. Make sure to pick a metal they are fond of and they will know you took note.

Watch Them Shop

Take a trip to the mall together. Which pieces are they drawn to? Is she noticing the lovely pair of earrings, or is he eyeing up those cufflinks? This is an opportunity for them to silently tell you which piece they prefer simply by admiring it in a window.

Heart Hype

Many chain or franchise jewelry stores will be promoting heart shaped pieces, touting that they are the only style you should be looking at. Not so. Jewelry designers have made lovely pieces with every motif for love imaginable. Get creative! Perhaps your significant other would prefer a piece that spells out “love” or “XO.” Once again, it all comes down to their personal taste.

Red Is The Color!

For that extra festive touch, red is the way to go! Red enamel can add just the right accent to keep your purchase on-holiday-trend without breaking the budget. However, if you do want to go all out and give a piece with a precious stone, we recommend either garnets or rubies. Their rich red colors have been prized for centuries and will make a statement for years to come.


Unless you’re already married, giving jewelry can seem like an extravagant gift on Valentine’s Day. This shouldn’t be the case. If you’ve kept to your budget, then there is nothing out of the ordinary, except that you’ve given your loved one something much better than flowers. Think about it like this: unless you’re getting down on one knee, giving jewelry on Valentine’s Day is the same as giving it for a birthday. Now, put a bow on the velvet box and smile because you know you’ve made it a Valentine’s Day to remember!