Celebrating 110 Years of Hamilton

*All photos by Karla Korn

On December 8th, under the twinkling stars of The Colony’s East Garden in Palm Beach, Florida, Hamilton closed out 2022 with a lush garden party celebrating their 110th anniversary. Upon entering the gardens, guests were invited to take a small stroll down memory lane with their life-size wall of Hamilton history. The wall outlined landmark moments in the 4-generation family-owned business starting with its founding in 1912 by Irving Siegel up to present day ownership, its multiple locations, and other significant accomplishments

As the night progressed, guests enjoyed sparkling diamond-themed cocktails and passed bites while listening to music by one of Palm Beach’s favorite DJ’s, Adam Lipson.

Samantha Anderson, Trent Anderson

Kai Lassen, Bettina Anderson, Lizzi Bickford

From Left: Ayzia James, Anne Russell, Phyllis London, Kendra Groomer

Capsule Collection on Display

Placed throughout the garden in glass cases like little sparkly treasures were pieces from Hamilton’s famed 110-year capsule collection.  

A True Family Affair

In attendance that evening were two key members of the Hamilton legacy and team. Hank Siegel and Andrew Siegel, who represent the 3rd and 4th generations of the Hamilton legacy, were in attendance to celebrate all their company has accomplished.  

Hank Siegel, Lisette Siegel

From left: Hank Siegel, Denny Siegel, Lisette Siegel and Andrew Siegel

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