The Charm Bracelet

Ever wonder why particular trends have staying power and tend to evolve over time while others fade away never to be thought of again? A jewelry trend that has proven to have major staying power is the charm bracelet, and we at Hamilton want to give it its day in the sun. There are many reasons this style of jewelry has been enjoyed by the young and old alike. For centuries, whether made from precious metals and stones or simple trinkets, charm jewelry has proven to be a timeless way to express oneself and commemorate special occasions. The modern charm bracelet has become even more personalized with the addition of monogrammed charms, allowing the wearer to customize their bracelet to reflect their individual style and interests even more. 

History of the Charm Bracelet- Prehistoric Times

A charm bracelet is a type of jewelry that is personalized with decorative charms, which can be added or removed to create a unique look and personal story for each wearer. The origins of the charm bracelet can be traced back to ancient civilizations, where it was used as a form of religious identification and protection. The earliest people to wear charm bracelets date back to the Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and Hittites. The charms were made from available gems and rock crystals and were worn as a form of protection. Most charms had religious connotations during this time and reflected gods and different animals.

Queen Victoria

The charm bracelet slowly evolved and in the 1890’s a new way of wearing this style of jewelry shifted thanks to Queen Victoria. The Victorian era brought ornate and intricate styles of jewelry, and the charm bracelet was no different. During this time Queen Victoria made popular the wearing of charm bracelets that held beautifully carved lockets with portraits of her family members as a way to keep them close. This shift from a religious talisman to more of a sentimental piece of jewelry is single handedly due to Queen Victoria! 

Fun Fact: The ever popular and iconic Tiffany & Co. Charm bracelet was created in 1889 possibly due to Queen Victoria making the charm bracelet popular all throughout Europe! 

Queen Victoria wearing her charm bracelet. 

The Second World War

In the early 20th century, charm bracelets became popular as a way to commemorate events, travels, and milestones due to World War II. Soldiers purchased small charms throughout Europe to commemorate their travels and serve as sentimental reminders for their partners to wear when they returned home.  

Because of this, the 1950’s saw the production of charms made to commemorate and act as symbols for celebratory moments in life like the start of a relationship or the birth of a baby. This was another important shift in the way charm bracelets were seen and worn. This wave marked the charm bracelet becoming a way to tell a story. Each was vastly different giving each wearer a sense of self-expression.  

Charm Bracelets Today

Charm bracelets continue to be a popular form of self-expression and gift-giving, marrying all the adaptations of this piece of jewelry. Today, charms are made that can reflect one’s religious leanings, favorite sports teams, monogrammed charms, travels, lockets, and even birthstones. The options for customization have expanded, lending the opportunity for each bracelet to tell the story of someone’s life. 

The charm bracelet has come a long way since its early origins, but its popularity continues to endure. Whether it is a classic metal bracelet or a contemporary design, it is a piece of jewelry that is always in style.  

Where Do I Start?

Here at Hamilton, we have a wonderful selection of bracelets and charms to start your charm bracelet journey. Whether it is a gift for yourself or for a loved one we have beautiful options.  

Hamilton 14K Yellow Gold Charm Bracelet

This bracelet is the perfect foundation to start your charm collection.  


Sterling Silver Small Link Charm Bracelet

For the sterling silver lover. This bracelet is a great foundation for your charm journey. 


Yellow Gold Ruby Leo Zodiac Charm

These Rondel Jewelry charms are perfect for the astrology lover in your life


Rondel Yellow Gold Diamond Trim Disc Charm

This Rondel charm is the perfect example of being able to personalize your charm bracelet by way of monogramming. This charm would be beautiful with the wearer’s initials, their beloved’s initialis as a wedding gift, or perhaps a new baby’s initials! 


Hamilton Sterling Silver New Jersey State

Show your New Jersey pride with this charm! To commemorate Hamilton’s first location in Princeton, New Jersey this charm is perfect to symbolize your favorite vacation on the Jersey Shore or simply where you are from. 


White Gold and Diamond 1912 Key Charm

Purchased your first home recently? This charm would be a thoughtful way to commemorate that milestone. Or simply, gift to the person who holds the key to your heart.  


Start building your charm bracelet! Visit us today!