Bridal Fashion: The Boho Bride & The Ideal Jewelry For Her Unique Look

What Is The Boho Look?

The boho look is as elegant as it is relaxed. Inspired by nature, this is an aesthetic that is as made to look organic and effortless in design. Wedding dresses in this style have graceful lines and details that are nothing but romantic. Lace, gossamer, fringe and floral motifs are the leading accents that grace the boho bride. Like the iconic style of the boho wedding dress, fine boho jewelry is designed with nature-inspired forms.

What Jewelry Completes The Boho Brides Wedding Day Look?

Fine Boho Earrings

Boho style earrings for a bride’s wedding day take on a more elegant aspect. Taking on a more elegant aspect with natural embellishments like pearl and turquoise, or motifs that resemble flowers or celestial objects, fine hoops and dangle earrings keep the look consistent, but lovely.

Boho Necklace Styles For A Wedding

Boho style necklaces are typically layered. A bride might choose to layer necklaces of the same metal or even opt for pearls of varying length. Often one or more of the layers will have an embellishment such as charms to give the necklace an added flair.

Boho Bracelets For The Bride

Bracelets on a boho bride’s wrist are typically bangles and cuffs.

Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands For The Boho Bride

Women who keep to the boho fashion need an engagement ring and wedding band that matches their style. Twisting bands, curving metals, and nature-inspired designs, such as pears, rain, snow, flowers or vines will suit her perfectly.

Many boho brides prefer to wear a jewelry headpiece, such as a circlet, in lieu of a veil. For a truly beautiful and original piece, Hamilton jewelers will work with you to custom design the one of your dreams. Contact us to learn more!

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