Bridal Fashion: What Earrings to Pair With Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to pairing earrings with a wedding dress, the main point to take into consideration is the neckline of the gown. The shape and height of the neckline will determine whether earrings complete the look, get lost, or overpower it.

Earrings To Pair With Strapless, Sweetheart & Off-The-Shoulder Wedding Dress Neckline

With these necklines the exposed neck and shoulders make a wonderful canvas for jewelry. The choice a bride has to make here is whether or not she wants to showcase a necklace or earrings. If a bride chooses a necklace as her centerpiece, then the earrings must remain quite by choosing simple drop earrings. On the other hand, these necklines are excellent for brides who prefer large, statement earrings over a necklace. Chandeliers and long, sparkling drop earrings look stunning with these cuts.

Earrings To Pair With High Neck & One Shoulder Wedding Dress Necklines

Necklines that are high or asymmetrical are statements in of themselves. Large earrings will off balance the look. Choosing simple earrings like diamond or pearls will look elegant and collected. However, the modern look of these dresses means that brides have the freedom to choose earrings with less traditional shape to complement their dress, and top jewelry designers are certainly taking the lead on this one!

Earrings To Pair With Straight & Boat Wedding Dress Necklines

Classic looks get classic jewelry. Brides opting for these necklines should stay away from large or long earrings. Simple diamond or pearl stud earrings will keep the look classic and lovely.

Square, Scoop & Queen Anne

The beauty of these wedding dress necklines is that they are highly versatile. Any earring can be chosen so long as the pair is in balance with the other jewelry chosen. Like with strapless, sweetheart and off-the-shoulder necklines, a bride must make the choice between having a necklace or earrings as the featured jewelry. If a bride forgoes a necklace, earrings can take on any size that the bride desires: short and sweet, long and dangly, or dazzling chandeliers.
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