Corporate Values

Hamilton Jewelers is proud of our adherence to socially responsible and highly ethical business practices, as evidenced by our membership and association with the industry's most prestigious organizations, including:

The Gemological Institute of America

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee

The Jewelers Board of Trade

The American Gem Society

The Jewelers of America

The Council for Responsible Jewelry Practice

The foundation of a family business, and the basis on which our company has grown is an emphasis on personalization, as well as strong ties to our clients, industry, and communities. We also strongly value personal involvement.

We embrace socially, environmentally, and ethically sound business practices, and wholly support the United Nations' efforts to ensure Conflict Free diamonds in our industry. Hamilton Jewelers is committed to best practice diamond trading principles, including:

  • Procuring all gemstones and diamonds only through legitimate sources that ensure a non-conflict region of origin.
  • Support of the international trade policy, the Kimberley Process System, which works closely with governmental organizations to eliminate illegally traded diamonds.
  • Ongoing membership and participation in the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, the guardian of ethics and integrity in the jewelry trade.

Hamilton Jewelers also maintains many philanthropic and civic affiliations with organizations and nonprofit causes in our communities. Through many charitable vehicles, we are proud to support important organizations that help to provide healthcare, education, cultural growth, and civic awareness to our region.

Recognizing our obligation to find new and better ways to exceed our client's expectations on a daily basis.

The freedom to make suggestions and the open mindedness to accept them.

The ability to think and perform as one who has a stake in the company. Treat everyone and everything with respect you would expect of your own employees if Hamilton was your business.

Recognizing the merit and respecting the dignity of all team members.

Supporting our corporate commitment to give back to the communities which, through their support, have allowed us to grow and prosper for 108 years.

Unquestioned honesty and adherence to ethical behavior in business dealings, including proper disclosure and accurate representation of products and information to our clients.

We offer quality experiences with quality products for all occasions that are manufactured well, designed beautifully, and special...forever

Continuing education for ourselves, our clients, and our community. Constantly striving to do better.

The foundation of a family business, and the basis on which our company has grown. An emphasis on personalization and strong ties to our clients, industry, and communities. We don't just do business here; we live here.