If an item is shown in multiple colors within one picture, you may select the particular color your want by simply typing the color into the Comments box at checkout.

Due to limited availability of products, the particular item you are looking for may or may not be shown in the nearest store. To ensure that the piece will be available for you to view, simply call the store or email GuestServices@hamiltonjewelers.com to check if the piece is available. If it is currently at another store, the piece may easily be transferred to the store of your choice within 48 hours for you to then view.

The most convenient methods of obtaining additional product information are emailing GuestServices@hamiltonjewelers.com or calling your nearest store. The phone numbers and addresses of our five locations are listed here. Our highly trained sales staff, certified appraisers, and merchandising department will provide you with the additional information requested.

Due to the security of our e-commerce software, or unforeseen issues with the credit card company, your order may not process as it should on the first try. Our website manager will be happy to assist you with any credit inquiries you may have. Please contact him at GuestServices@hamiltonjewelers.com.

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Our master jewelers work continually to create new engagement ring styles, re-creations of vintage looks, and one-of-a-kind designs. The selection shown on the website is a sample of the types of designs we carry, and is not our full selection. We encourage guests of our website to browse the selection and become familiar with the various styles we offer. Additionally, our website features a Ring Builder and Diamond Finder, to aid in finding a setting and diamond that are best suited to the personal styles and budgets of our online guests.

Our sales staff is highly trained and can offer additional assistance in the stores, as well as show the complete collection of rings we carry. We highly recommend browsing online and in the store to view our full collection, speak with an educated sales associate, and utilize the most comfortable method of purchasing your diamond and setting.

To make a purchase from home, simply call the store in which you saw the piece, and ask to speak with your sales associate or a store manager who helped you in the store, or email GuestServices@hamiltonjewelers.comwith a detailed description of the piece, price and location of the store in which you last viewed it.

Hamilton Jewelers is required by law to charge state and local sales tax for orders shipped to states where we conduct business. Therefore, all Hamilton Jewelers online and phone orders would include sales tax where such taxes are imposed by the destination state. Applicable sales tax will be added for deliveries within the following states: FL and NJ.

Our merchandise can be returned within 10 days for a full refund. Merchandise may be returned for exchange or store credit (with one year expiration) within 30 days of purchase. Gift recipients are entitled to a non-refundable merchandise credit only.

Items which have been worn, sized, engraved, or otherwise altered items, as well as special order or custom items or items which have been sold at reduced prices or as final sale items may not be returned or exchanged.

Items may be returned to any of our stores or by registered mail, UPS, or Federal Express, and insured for full value to:

Hamilton Jewelers
92 Nassau Street
Princeton, New Jersey 08542


The registered trade mark shows the differences in quality. For example: "14k" means 58.3% is pure gold, "18k" is 75% pure gold. When you see the stamp "14k" this means that 14 of 24 parts are pure gold. The remaining 10 are alloy. Alloy is a mixture of several different metals added to strengthen, or in some cases to change the color to a whiter tone or a rose tone. Platinum is the hardest and most rare of all metals used in jewelry making. It can be marked with "PLAT," or "950 PLAT." The United States requires the manufacturer's trademark to be stamped on the piece to provide authenticity.

The most common shapes of diamonds are Round, Princess, Emerald, Asscher, Marquise, Oval, Radiant, Pear, Cushion, and Heart. We offer diamond jewelry and engagement rings in all of these styles.

Dust, pollution and daily wear combine to cloud the brilliance of a gemstone and dull the surface of platinum and gold. We suggest that your ring receive professional maintenance, periodically. Our trained staff will check the setting and give your ring a thorough cleaning. Between professional cleanings, we recommend the occasional use of a nonabrasive cleaner for diamond jewelry. A mild solution of six parts water to one part ammonia may be applied with a soft bristle brush. Jewelry with stones other than diamonds may need additional care, which can be specified by our accredited jewelry professionals.

Hand engraving is the art of removing metal to create lettering through the use of manual tools. Finished pieces will vary in appearance even if done by the same engraver. Each piece is unique, allowing for the different character of each engraver. Machine engraving employs technology to cut or displace the metal, consistently replicating our most popular lettering styles.

Since 1912, Hamilton Jewelers has established and maintained the highest standards in design, materials and craftsmanship, creating jewelry that has been passed down from generation to generation. With some simple, basic care, you can help preserve and protect your jewelry for years to come.

Professional cleanings are recommended as often as once a year. We encourage you to bring your jewelry back to us for professional servicing. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of jewelry care: cleaning gemstones, restringing pearls and repairing clasps and earring backs.

Silver should be kept absolutely dry. If your silver is used frequently, keep it away from excessive exposure to air and store it in a tarnish-proof cloth such as a flannel pouch or a silver storage box. Optimal jewelry boxes are lined with tarnish-proof fabric and have a separate space for each individual piece. If your climate is humid, place a small packet of desiccant crystals inside your storage area, whether it is a closed box or a flannel roll. Avoid contact with rubber bands or other rubber products, as the sulfur in rubber causes tarnishing and corrosion.

Fine cultured pearls with thick nacre layers will last for generations if cared for properly. Cultured pearls should be kept free of perfumes, cosmetics, perspiration and dirt. You may gently wipe cultured pearls with a slightly damp cloth. Over time, the silk will stretch, weaken and become soiled. If you wear your cultured pearls regularly, we encourage you to have your cultured pearls cleaned and restrung annually.

Our master jewelers conceptualize, design and make our Hamilton Collections, which are available exclusively at our five Hamilton Jewelers locations and online. These collections encompass all types of fine jewelry, from sterling silver to gold, precious gemstones and diamonds. The designs in any of our Hamilton Collections carry the heritage and tradition that accompanies a local family-owned company for almost 100 years.

We also carry expertly edited collections from top international jewelry designers, Swiss timepiece makers, and renowned crystal, china and fine home décor producers. Our designer collections are refreshed throughout the year to ensure that we always feature the most up-to-date styles from our portfolio of notable designers.


Luckily, this trend has evolved since its inception, and has matured into a look that is appropriate for all ages and styles. The stacked look is no longer confined to wiry hoops or colorful ceramics. Instead, woman are choosing looks that complement their unique personal style, whether it be oversized cuffs, dainty gold and diamond pieces, or a mix of formal and exotic designs. Combining varying widths and materials will create a rich, textural feel.

Diamonds are no longer reserved for the little black dress. These sparkling beauties are now fashionable with jeans, a stunning smart suit, or a summery dress.