The Serene and Striking Beauty of the December Stone


As the sun sets over a gray landscape, and we seek warmth and cozier climates around a fireplace, it is poetic that the December birthstone is one that harkens back to warm sky-blue sunny days floating in deep blue waters. It almost serves as a call to remind us that those days will soon reappear and are closer than they feel. Blue Topaz is as striking as most other gemstones. Compared to Opal, which has a lower rank on the Mohs scale making it more delicate, Blue Topaz is much stronger, an 8, making it perfect for daily wear. Lucky for us! It also comes in an array of beautiful blue hues, so— December babies— it is time to show off those baby blues.

Where Does Blue Topaz Come From?

The stunning blue topaz has been around for centuries, but the earliest known record of the gemstone's use dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They were believed to have used it as a sign of strength and wealth. It was a popular choice among European royalty and nobility during the 16th century, who often wore it as a symbol of power and prestige.

Blue topaz has also been found in many ancient burial sites. The Egyptians and Sumerians may have used it as a talisman to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. In South America, the ancient Incans and Aztecs were said to have used the stone for its healing properties.

Today, blue topaz is mined primarily in Brazil, Nigeria, Pakistan, and China. With its calming hue, it is no wonder that so many have admired this serene and striking gemstone for centuries.

What Makes it so Blue?

Want to know something fascinating? Blue topaz in its natural state is white! The impurities in each stone determine the shade of blue the white topaz will become. To go a little deeper, the level of chromium and iron is what allows as well as determines what shade of blue a white stone will turn. This is achieved through heat and irradiation (a strong radiation treatment). Pale blue topaz has been found in its natural state; however, those stones are incredibly rare and extremely expensive.

The Different Types of Blue Topaz

4 topaz gems

The three most common types are Swiss Blue Topaz, London Blue Topaz, and Sky-Blue Topaz. Swiss Blue Topaz is a vibrant blue with a hint of greenish-blue, London Blue Topaz has a rich navy color, and Sky-Blue Topaz is a light, dreamy blue. No matter what type of blue topaz you choose, this dazzling gemstone is sure to be eye-catching. Whether you prefer subtle sophistication or something brighter and bolder, Hamilton Jewelers is sure to have the type of blue topaz perfect for you!

Swiss Blue Topaz

Swiss Blue Topaz is the most well-known and widely available type of blue topaz. Along with its sister, Baby Swiss Topaz (which is similar in color), it is mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria. Its distinct color comes from a combination of chromium and iron and its brilliance makes it the ideal choice for jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings.

London Blue Topaz

London Blue Topaz is darker than Swiss Blue Topaz and is said to represent loyalty and strength. This type of blue topaz is mined in Brazil and Madagascar and has been treated with radiation to give it its deep navy color. Its dark color makes it perfect for creating more subtle pieces of jewelry.

Sky Blue Topaz

Sky Blue Topaz is the lightest shade of blue topaz, and its name was inspired by its resemblance to the blue sky. It is mined in Mexico and Russia and is often mistaken for Aquamarine due to its similar hue. This type of blue topaz is ideal for creating more delicate pieces of jewelry and for those who prefer a softer look.

Fun Facts

The options for blue topaz are endless! Fit for royals, blue topaz is a favorite for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, who has been spotted wearing numerous pieces of fine blue topaz jewelry.

Historically, blue topaz has also been believed to have spiritual healing properties that help reduce stress and anxiety. It was also thought to encourage good fortune and provide protection against bad luck. In recent years sapphires have seen some competition from blue topaz in the engagement ring arena as well!

Blue topaz is a stunning gemstone that looks gorgeous on anyone. From celebrities to everyday people, this gemstone will continue to be a popular choice for jewelry lovers all around the world.

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