Gold Chains: 2020’s Hottest Fine Jewelry Trend At Hamilton Jewelers

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Gold Chains: 2020’s Hottest Fine Jewelry Trend

One of Hamilton’s favorite fine jewelry trends of this year is gold chains. The appeal is in its simplicity and diversity. High-end gold chains are basic elegance with the ability to be dressed up or down, as you prefer.  Wear a gold chain necklace with jeans or a chain bracelet with a little black dress. For 2020 and years to come, gold chains are a staple piece every woman should have in her jewelry box

Examples of Different Types of Feminine Fine Gold Chains

Although large gold chains are in fashion, a woman of discerning taste will still choose a style with feminine roots. Bulky chains like Figaro chains, or a Curbed chain style still have a masculine connotation. Choose one of the following chain types to stay on trends and keep a feminine touch.  

1. Anchor/Mariner Chain

Composed of interlocking ovals, the mariner chain is inspired by incredible chains attached to anchors. They are designed to be both durable and beautiful, an excellent choice for anyone with a love of the sea.

 2. Cable Chain

The cable chain is the most common form of chain. The simplicity of the design has allowed it to be used for centuries. This is the link you’ll find everywhere from massive ship anchor chains to delicate strands of fine jewelry. 

3. Rope Chain

The twisting metals of a rope chain serve two purposes. The first is for aesthetic: the intertwined metals create an elegant and signature look with lovely texture. The second is to strengthen the chain and increase its durability.  

4. Basic Link Chain

The basic link chain is similar to a cable chain, except that the alternating links do not necessary change directions when laid flat. The simplicity of the chain allows it to shine with large links as a statement piece.  

Get inspired! Check out our favorite versions of the trend: