Baccarat Creates Limited Edition Diamond Decanter for the Queen’s Jubilee Celebration

*Originally published June 2012
As celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee continue, Baccarat, the ultimate reference for luxury crystal for almost 250 years, have created a diamond-shaped decanter, first bottled in Scotland in February.
In keeping with the Queen’s sixty years on the throne, Baccarat has only release 60 editions of the unique bottle.
Presented in a set, the collaboration of many craftsmen from several companies were involved in the jubilee endeavor.  While Baccarat crafted the decanter, John Walker & Sons created a celebratory Blended Scotch Whiskey assembled by the finest artisans, and the wooden box behind, was designed by N.E.J. Stavenson, designers and makers of custom furniture.
Drawing inspiration from the Queen’s duty and steadfastness, the admiration she has received the world over, Baccarat’s expert craftsmanship, high-manufacturing technology and unique know-how has created a work of art.

Images and information courtesy of Baccarat.