Happy 110th Birthday! Hamilton Through the Decades


Hamilton Jewelers certainly has much to celebrate after reaching its newest milestone. In September of 2022, they celebrated their 110th year in business! From its inception in 1912 by Irving Siegel to present day, Hamilton Jewelers has been a pillar of excellence and integrity in the fine jewelry industry. From the Great Depression to a fire burning its Trenton location, and beyond, Hamilton Jewelers has stood the test of time. Take a stroll through the decades and learn about some of the most poignant moments in the Hamilton story.

The 20’s & 30’s: Laying the Foundation

Hamilton was founded in 1912 by Irving Siegel. Then, on September 3, 1927, Seigel purchased a property on South Broad Street in Trenton for $15,750.00, the equivalent of almost $270,000 today. As the business grew, in 1933 (during the Great Depression, mind you), Hamilton underwent a modernization of its store into a showplace of retail merchandising.

1930’s Hamilton Ring

This ring is just one of the examples of how timeless and classic Hamilton designs have always been from the beginning.

hamilton ring in box

The 40’s - 50’s: Planting the Seed of Legacy and Tradition

During the 40’s and 50’s Hamilton experienced a few poignant moments in its history. Hamilton not only relocated to Hanover St. in Trenton, but Martin Siegel joined his father’s company, planting the seed of legacy we have come to know today. However, as life tends to swing between its ups and downs, not all was good in the 50’s. Unfortunately, in 1957 a fire ravaged through Hamilton Jewelers bringing severe damage to the property. However, as a testament to their tenacity, they reopened a year later.

1950’s Flower Brooch

A beacon of style and grace this flower brooch is a testament to the classic beauty that came out of the 1950’s.

1950’s Flower Brooch

The 60’s: Fifty Years and Gearing Up for Growth

In 1962, while the world was listening to the newly released “Love Me Do” by The Beatles and the first Target opened in Minnesota, Hamilton Jewelers was continuing to lead the fine jewelry industry by revolutionizing the use of color in their newspaper advertising. All this while also celebrating their 50th year in business! Fifty years in business, however, was just the warmup. Shortly after celebrating this milestone Hamilton was on the precipice of new and exciting endeavors.

The 70’s, 80’s & 90’s: Growth Spurts and Family Tradition

The 70’s through the 90’s saw an influx in growth for Hamilton. In 1977, Irving Siegel retired to his home in Palm Beach, FL, but it was not long before he started feeling unfulfilled. Longing for the days where he would be with his clients, Irving opened Hamilton’s Palm Beach location on Worth Avenue. A few short years later Hank Siegel came on in a full-time role, marking him the 3rd Generation Siegel family member to join Hamilton Jewelers. Remember that growth spurt mentioned previously? In 1986, Hamilton opened their third location in a historically significant building in Princeton, NJ (more on that later), and in 1988 opened a fourth location in The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, entering the new millennium with 4 locations.

The 00’s to Present Day: A Hundred Years and Looking to the Future

The start of the new millennium did not mean a slowing of expansion. Hamilton continued their momentum and in 2003 opened their Red Bank, NJ, location. Their Palm Beach Gardens location also received an expansion. Perhaps the most important milestone came in 2012 when Hamilton celebrated its 100th year of being in business. In 2017, Andrew Siegel came on as Hamilton’s Director of Business Strategy and Operations, making him the 4th generation of the Siegel family legacy.

Three Generations of Hamilton Jewelers Hank, Martin,
and Andrew Siegel

Hank, Martin, and Andrew Siegel at an event

Continuing the Tradition of Excellence

One thing remains paramount in 2022: Hamilton’s ceaseless energy and commitment to remain the industry standard in fine jewelry for its public. Read on to see what Hamilton has been doing to remain the iconic brand it has worked so hard to become since its inception over a century ago.

92 Nassau Street

The building at 92 Nassau Street, lovingly nicknamed Lower Pyne, possesses within its walls the same history and timeless energy as the Hamilton brand who has called this location home since 1986. The Tudor style building is currently undergoing a renovation that is set to be completed by January of 2023. Customers will see a restoration of its original entryway on Witherspoon Street as well as individualized spaces designed to house some of their worldwide brand partners. The purpose of this redesign was to continue the brand’s philosophy of welcoming its clients to have the most personal and comfortable shopping experience possible.

The front entrance of the Princeton Hamilton Jewelers spot

The Capsule Collection

To celebrate its 110th year in business Hamilton created a capsule collection of fine jewelry to highlight superior craftsmanship and the evolution of the brand. These pieces were designed to be timeless, perfect for passing down from generation to generation allowing Hamilton to become a part of every family’s history as they continue to grow from theirs.

White Gold Baguette and Diamond Geometric Earrings


18K Rose Gold Tanzanite and Sapphire Diamond Ring


White Gold and Pave Diamond Flower Open Necklace


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