How to Choose the Shape of your Engagement Ring

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Whether you are a bride or groom, choosing an engagement ring is a big deal. It doesn’t matter if you are romantic or practical, it is one of those things that you really, really want to get right. Here at Hamilton Jewelers, our specialists can help you choose a ring that will symbolize the commitment that is about to be made.  

If you are a groom-to-be – and you are not sure what your sweetheart likes – you need to ask their family or friends. Take a look at their hand, and if you can - take a picture of it. After that, you can either come into one of our stores and let our specialists help you, or you can follow our specific instructions below. You want them to wear it for eternity, so you need to make sure it suits the shape of their hand, as well as their personality. It’s a big job, but we are here to help you. The perfect ring will go a long way in helping you create the perfect proposal. 

If you are a bride-to-be, we will let you know what will look the best on your ring finger. However, it is up to you to try on a variety of distinctive styles. You want a ring that will enhance your hand’s best features. We can help you find a unique diamond ring to suit your style. Once you find one that you love, be sure to drop hints, either to your future spouse or your friends and family. Whether you want something more vintage or prefer an alternative style, Hamilton has the perfect engagement rings for all tastes.  

Private Reserve Platinum and Cushion Diamond 5.79CT Engagement Ring GIA

The Difference Between Shapes & Cuts 

The first thing you have to know is the difference between shapes and cuts. While a diamond has to be cut to create its shape, the two terms are different. They work together to make the diamond shine bright in the eye of the bride-to-be and dazzle her friends and family.  

The cut involves a bit of math, geometry, and science, and it is one of the 4 C’s of diamond shopping that I am sure you have heard about by now. To put it simply, a diamond’s cut determines how its features reflect the light. However, the shape is generally the first thing engaged couples have to consider when looking at diamond engagement rings. First you must determine the finger length and hand shape of the person who will be wearing the ring and then decide which shape will look the best and suit their personal style and taste.  

The Hamilton Solitaire 1.75CT Diamond Engagement Ring

The First Thing to Consider Before Buying an Engagement Ring

Few people take into consideration hand size and finger length when purchasing an engagement ring, or any fine jewelry for that matter. After considering your budget, but before you consider the carat-size, you should think about the shape and style. Engagement ring shapes and styles will look better on certain hands, just like different styles of wedding gowns flatter different body types. At least there is only a certain number of different rings to try on in comparison to wedding dresses. So, all you have to do is assess the following: 

  • • Are your fingers wide or thin? 
  • • Are your fingers long or short? 
  • • Are your hands large or small? 
  • • Are your knuckles large?
  • • Do you keep your fingernails trimmed short or long? 
Hamilton Cherish Micro Prong 18k Gold and 1.50CT Diamond Ring

The Finger Size

The length and width of someone’s fingers – even the size of her knuckles can have an effect on the way a ring looks on your fiancée's hands. Read below for tips on how to choose the perfect style and cut that will complement the features of the bride-to-be's hand.  

Centennial 18k Gold and 1.15CT Diamond Engagement Ring
Hamilton Cherish Channel Set 18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Ring

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles for Wide Fingers

Lucky for people with wide fingers there are a wide variety of bold and new engagement ring designs. Angular and asymmetrical shapes like the emerald cut are an excellent choice, as it gives the illusion of slimmer fingers. You can also rock a ring with a medium to thick band and larger stones in a bezel setting, so go for a flamboyant cocktail-ring style – you can definitely pull it off. Multi-stone rings and cluster rings are also an excellent choice. It’s best to avoid styles that show too much skin.  

Platinum Emerald Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring GIA Certified
18k White Gold Solitaire Mounting For Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
1912 3 Stone 18k Rose Gold and Diamond Engagement Mounting Ring

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles for Thin Fingers

Luckily, people with thin fingers suit almost any shape or style engagement ring. There really is only one rule – you must avoid buying too many carats for slim fingers; do not worry about it being small, as smaller stones look bigger on thinner fingers. Besides that, it gives you more room in your budget to focus on color and clarity.  

We would also recommend staying away from radiant and heart shapes. A smaller stone on a thicker band will generally look good. If your fingers are short and slim – a pear-cut or narrow marquise will elongate your finger.  

Platinum Twist 1.40CT Round Diamond Engagement Ring GIA Certified
18k Yellow Gold Caroline Solitaire Mounting Engagement Ring
14k White and Rose Pear Shape 1CT Diamond Engagement Ring

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles for Long Fingers

People who are blessed with long fingers will not only have an easier time playing the piano, but also choosing a flattering engagement ring. Round stones look particularly lovely and solitaire engagement ring styles will be sure to dazzle. Wider bands are a good choice, as they will draw attention to the length of your fingers without looking overpowering. If you would like to make your fingers look shorter – then choose an emerald cut diamond.  

If they like nontraditional styles – go for bolder more dramatic designs, like an octagon diamond engagement ring or an oval cut diamond. One thing you can’t go wrong with is splashing out on a bigger carat, as longer fingers suit bigger stones, couple that with a princess cut and you have the perfect engagement ring.  

The Hamilton Solitaire 1.51CT Diamond Engagement Ring
18k White Gold Solitaire Mounting For Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Grace 18k Rose Gold and Diamond Engagement Mounting Ring

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles for Short Fingers

Short fingers are excellent backdrops for longer cut diamond engagement rings. With its rounded end and tapered point, pear-cut stones are especially flattering. The regal, vertical marquise-cut stones and oval-set stones also have an elongating effect on those with shorter fingers. Regardless of the width of your fingers, these will help to create an illusion of length. Wide bands will not be flattering, regardless of the diamond cut is chosen. Your fingers will look longer with a thin delicate band since less skin will be covered. It would be even better if you keep your nails on the longer side.  

Platinum and Oval 2.50CT Diamond Engagement Ring GIA Certified
Embrace 18k Rose Gold and 1.50 CT Diamond Engagement Ring
The Hamilton Solitaire Diamond Mounting in Platinum

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles for People with Large Knuckles

People with large knuckles should know that bigger is actually better because you have the opportunity to go for bolder, more modern designs if you like! That doesn’t mean you can’t go traditional, as long as you choose heavier bands with intricate designs or large stones. We also recommend a distinct court shape on the inside of your wedding ring as it features a rounded surface. This will enable your ring to glide easily over the knuckle than a flat interior surface. Your engagement ring will be a sparkling diversion from your knuckles. 

Private Reserve 18k Rose Gold and 7.05CT Emerald Diamond Ring
Lisette 18k Gold and Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Lisette 18k White Gold 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

The Hand Shape

Just like a puffy ball gown can overwhelm the frame of a petite bride, an engagement ring should be properly proportioned to the size of your hand. A tiny ring on a larger hand will be less noticeable and make their hand seem larger. A ring too big or bulky for a small hand will overwhelm it and look awkward. Remember – it's not just about the cut of the diamond, it is how the ring will complement their hand overall. 

Platinum 18k Yellow Gold and Oval Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring
Grace 18k White Gold and Diamond Engagement Mounting Ring

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles for Large Hands

Just like with large knuckles and wide fingers, people with large hands have several options available to them. Luckily, they can have larger sized diamonds, unlike those with smaller hands. They can go for bigger bands and make bold or fashionably chunky statements.  

Large marquise cuts set horizontally or round engagement rings with a cluster will look absolutely radiant. Oval, princess, and pear cut diamonds would suit people with larger hands as well. We do recommend staying away from smaller designs and petite, thin bands – the less skin that shows on both sides of the gemstone – the better.  

Embrace Platinum Engagement Ring For Round Diamond
Lisette 18k White Gold and .55TW Diamond Double Halo Engagement Ring
Centennial 18k Gold and 1.01CT Diamond Engagement Ring

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles for Small Hands

Smaller stones in basically any cut can really flatter smaller hands. Delicate princess cut stones or even an asscher cut are an excellent choice. As long as the proportion is right a heart or a smaller round cut engagement ring with a thick band would be perfect as well. It’s important to keep in mind what type of jewelry they usually wear to get a sense of their personal style. The sky is the limit here! 

Hamilton Centennial 18k Yellow Gold and 1.24CT Round Diamond Engagement Ring
Embrace 18k Rose Gold Engagement Ring For Round Diamond
Lisette 18k White Gold 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

Here at Hamilton Jewelers, we can provide the help you need – from proposal to purchase, come to one of our locations and we will be happy to assist you. If you aren’t nearby, you can build your one-of-a-kind ring online. You can even try on rings with our virtual app and choose the best style for your hands before even making a purchase. It’s fun – give it a try. Check out some of our most popular engagement ring collections - SolitaireCherishCentennialEmbraceGrace, and Lisette.  

Find your perfect engagement ring at Hamilton’s today.