Jade Trau- New York City in Her Veins


Jade Lustig has New York City running through her veins. A self-proclaimed “47th Street girl,” her love of the Big Apple comes through in her ready-to-wear, impeccably designed pieces of fine jewelry. Jade combines her diamond buying knowledge and a philosophy that diamonds should be worn (we agree—diamonds are the hardest substance on the Mohs scale making them perfect for everyday wear) to create her memorable collections. Her pieces possess a fresh modern edge with a nod to vintage silhouettes and a dash of playfulness. It is the perfect expression of the city Jade loves.

Crescent Diamond 18k Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings


History of the Brand

Jade’s familial history with New York runs deep. In every piece she creates she pulls inspiration from her family’s history and humble beginnings as diamond cutters, as well as bringing a modern NYC “edge” to her collections.

The Beginning

The genesis of the Jade Trau brand started in New York City in the early 1900’s when Jade’s great- Grandfather Chaim Trau became recognized for cutting diamonds in a rose cut style. Rose cut diamonds have a flat surface at the bottom of the stone which creates a larger surface area to show off its brilliance.

Diamond Buyer

Cut to 1998, when a 19-year-old Jade joined her grandfather’s company where she learned the art of diamond cutting in the heart of the diamond district in New York City. She is a 6th generation diamantaire, or master diamond cutter. During this time Jade also traveled to De Beers headquarters in London, as well as the diamond bourses in Belgium and Israel, working towards becoming a skilled diamond buyer.

Launch of the Brand

In 2012, Jade launched her company focusing on creating effortless, easy-to-wear, timeless pieces of jewelry. Her design aesthetic combines her love of vintage pieces and shows off her wealth of knowledge in diamond buying. Each diamond is carefully and thoughtfully selected to fulfill its fate as the perfect piece for each stone.

In Recent Years

After the launch of the brand, many accolades have been bestowed upon Jade Trau. From designing an impressive custom-made diamond bracelet for Olivia Munn’s 88th Academy Awards look to becoming an award winner in the bridal jewelry arena. Jade’s designs continue to surprise and delight her clients and will for decades to come.

The Selma Solitaire Diamond Ring


What Sets Jade Trau Apart

Much like her female contemporaries, like Marli and Jane Taylor (Who also hail from New York City), Jade Trau is a brand that is set apart from others simply because of the commitment to push forward and use New York City as a means for inspiration.

Jade has recently launched a bespoke branch of her business, taking on clients with vintage pieces that want a refresh. Each piece is taken under Jade’s wing where she redesigns vintage jewelry into a new and exciting piece. She has designed Platinum collections that highlight the Art Deco era in NYC and also launched a unisex collection of jewelry, giving a more inclusive take on fine jewelry.

Whatever the goal or inspiration it is clear that Jade Trau will always bring something timeless and exciting to the table. At Hamilton Jewelers, we cannot wait to see what she creates next.

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