Fine Jewelry by NYC-based Designer MARLI


Created by Maral Artinian and drawing inspiration from the world’s most dynamic city— New York City— MARLI is the fine jewelry brand founded on the principles of timeless presence and individuality. Designed to ensure the wearer garners attention, MARLI hand-crafted jewelry features bold, minimalistic, and colorful designs, with strong, fluid lines that emphasize timeless presence and individuality. MARLI has a minimal, magnetic aesthetic that draws inspiration from New York City and the amazing women who live it.

Avenues Collection

The design concept behind the Avenues Collection is using clean lines to capture the mesmerizing lights, pulsating heartbeat, and minimalistic beauty of New York’s city streets.

Marli 18k Rose Gold Avenues Open Hinged Bracelet


Avenues 18k White Gold and Diamond Chain Necklace


Marli Avenues Huggie 18k White Gold Diamond Earrings


Cleo Collection

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Cleopatra, MARLI’s Cleo collection evokes the historical figure’s strength and power through brilliant color and daring design.

18k Rose Gold Cleo Diamond Midi Slip-On Bracelet


Cleo 18k Yellow Gold Full Diamond Pyramid Stud Earrings


Cleo 18k White Gold Sapphire Ring


We are proud to carry the stunning designs of MARLI as well as a number of other NYC-based designers, including David Yurman, Jane Taylor, Oscar Heyman, Jade Trau, and Walters Faith.

Add some MARLI style and sophistication to your collection. Contact us directly or visit one of our storefront locations for help choosing the perfect piece of MARLI fine jewelry for your or someone you love.