Netali Nissim – Beautiful Unique Jewelry Infused With Significance, Spirituality, and Strength


Meaningful Messages Abound in Netali Nissim’s Unique Jewelry Designs 

With collection names like Protected, Fortuna, Charmed, and Loved, it is clear Netali Nissim has an extremely focused purpose – to create designs that matter. Her work is not just about style; it is also about creating eye-catching pieces that integrate cultural and spiritual references and promote powerful messages of love, strength, and positivity.  

Netali comes from a long line of skilled jewelers in Italy, and she integrates her European aesthetic and impeccable eye for quality into her timelessly elegant pieces. She also deftly incorporates a modern and contemporary feel and a dose of whimsy and fun into the mix.

Wearing Netali bracelets and a ring

Whimsically Combining Charm, Chakras, and Class 

Add a boost of positive energy to your day with a piece from Netali Nissim’s signature Protection collection. Drawing upon timeless traditions, Netali weaves powerful symbols such as the evil eye and the Hamsa hand into her beautiful and unique fine jewelry.  

Netali’s unique aesthetic stems from her connection to love, spirituality, and nature, and each of her pieces invokes a sense of power and strength. She does not shy away from using bold colors, and yet her designs still maintain a sense of timelessness. 

Fortuna gold-plated, black enamel evil eye pendant 

Netaili Big Eye Pendant

Why the Eye? 

Throughout history, it was believed that giving someone the ‘evil eye’ could cause them harm or misfortune. As a result, many cultures adopted the tradition of wearing jewelry featuring the evil eye as a way to ward off the bad vibes someone might be trying to send them.  

Protected 18k white gold, diamond, and quartz mini eye bracelet

Mini Eye Bracelet

Protected 18k yellow gold, diamond, and turquoise mini eye pendant

Mini Eye Pendant

The Chamsa (AKA Hamsa) Hand

Like the evil eye, the chamsa hand is also incorporated into jewelry as a means of protecting the wearer from any harm wished upon them. Though history, cultures and religions believed the hand not only protected the wearer, but it also brought happiness, fortune, and good health. 

Protected 18k yellow gold and diamond mini chamsa pendant

Gold Diamond Hand Bracelet

Commitment to Quality and Comfort 

Through meticulous and thoughtful design, Netali creates lightweight pieces with hidden clasps that are perfect worn alone yet are also delicate enough to be layered with other pieces. With an additional focus on comfort, her designs are also versatile enough to transition flawlessly from daywear to eveningwear. All her jewelry is handcrafted in Italy and made from the finest materials, ensuring any piece from Netali Nissim lasts for generations. 

These colorful pieces – a bold and thoughtful symbols of protection - are the perfect way to show your love for a special someone or for yourself!  

Protected 18k yellow gold big eye double-chain bracelet with a rainbow of fine gemstones (sapphire, emerald, and ruby) encircling a green quartz center stone 

Rainbow Eye Bracelet

Interested in giving the gift of loving protection to yourself or to someone else in your life? Visit Netali Nissim’s collection on our website. Still have questions about her designs? Reach out to our knowledgeable and helpful staff via our digital concierge or by phone or visit one of our stores.