'Nothing Greens Greener’ Than an Emerald

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Or so said Rome’s Pliny the Elder about the magnificent emerald. From the Emerald Isle to the Emerald City, this gem is consistently associated with lush landscapes, power, and growth. The birthstone for those born in May, the emerald is also believed to bring the gift of clairvoyance and increase intelligence.

Found in Egypt, Colombia, Pakistan, Zambia, and Afghanistan, they were loved by Cleopatra, who used these beautiful green stones in her royal adornments. The Incas also used them for jewelry and in religious ceremonies.   

The 75.47-carat Hooker Emerald was worn by Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the last sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Photo by Chip Clark, courtesy Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of Natural History. Source: gia.edu

Beliefs and Benefits

This May birthstone may be the stone of abundance and wealth, but emeralds are not just about money. They are about the abundance of all kinds, including love, friendship, and health. These stones are stones of love, friendship, loyalty, integrity, and patience, symbolizing compassion, mercy, and connection with all things. They are also believed to bring balance in all aspects of life. The green color represents life and rejuvenation, and wearing this stone is believed to increase the wearer’s respect for and consideration of the world around them. 


Emeralds are thought to have many emotional healing powers, particularly with regards to mind-body balance. They are the perfect stone to wear when you are feeling stressed, emotions are running high, and tempers are flaring. They also boost self-confidence and help protect you in matters of love. Emeralds inspire positivity and energy, and support strength of character and fortitude. 

Source: Crystal Classics


When it comes to physical benefits, it’s believed that emeralds help with epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, depression, and paranoia. It is used to help treat digestive problems, regulate eye pressure as well as blood pressure, and reduce inflammation. 

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How to Choose the Right Emerald

Color is the most important quality factor when it comes to emeralds, with the most desirable being a bluish green to pure green. Look for stones with vivid color and good saturation that isn’t too dark. The most popular cut is the namesake emerald cut, which maximizes the color while minimizing visible imperfections (which are common with emeralds). 

Caring for Your Emerald

Emeralds measure between 7.5 and 8 on the Mohs scale, making them easily scratched and damaged, so do not wear your emerald jewelry while engaging in any strenuous activities, such as swimming or playing sports. Also avoid wearing it when washing dishes or even showering. Keep it away from heat, changes in air pressure, and harsh chemicals.  

Clean your emerald jewelry with a soft brush and warm, soapy water. Do not put it in an ultrasonic cleaner, especially if it has been treated. To prevent other jewelry from damaging it, store it in a protective bag or in its own compartment in a lined jewelry box.

Source: Crystals & Jewelry

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