Finding the Best Watch for Your Groom

*Originally published June 2015 Baume & Mercier Weddings are generally thought to be all about the bride: the dress, the shoes, the jewelry, the hair, etc. But a groom should look just as gorgeous as his bride, and that doesn’t mean just renting a tuxedo and calling it a day; the perfect accessories can make the man, especially the perfect watch. Whether you want to treat your soon-to-be husband to a classic Breguet, or if you’re a groom who wants to look dashing on your wedding day, Hamilton has the watch for you. Choosing a watch for the groom is like choosing a ring for the bride. It should be special, reflect their tastes and interests entirely, and be able to last a lifetime. As Patek Philippe cleverly puts it, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe -- you merely look after it for the next generation.” This rings true for most watches, as the watch should not only be for you, it should be carried down through your family. Watches are just like any other kind of jewelry in that there are the neutral watches, which go with anything you wear, and there are the statement watches, which are good for certain occasions only. For instance, a bright orange Shinola wouldn’t look as good in the boardroom as it would at a family barbecue. For your wedding day, a neutral watch is crucial, as you don’t want to overpower your look with a garish watch. Patek Philippe First, think about your general look: do you wear a suit every day or do you live in gym clothes? Are you more of a business casual dresser or do you only wear dark jeans and tees? Is your style idol James Dean or Frank Sinatra? You need to take a look at your daily wardrobe and pick a watch based off of what you wear on a regular day; this will not only be a watch on your wedding day, it will be the watch you wear on your honeymoon, when you move into your first house, when you take your kid to their first day of school and nearly every other milestone you and your partner experience. If you’ve never bought a watch before, take a trip and try some on; it never hurts to venture out of your comfort zone and try on something that you never thought you would wear. It also helps to get a sense of the size you need; you don’t want to look like a little kid trying his dad’s watch on. Each part of a watch is meticulously crafted. Materials for the watch vary from stainless steel to rose gold or platinum; the strap can be a metal bracelet or another material like leather, canvas, or even rubber. Stick with neutral tones for the dial as they are the most timeless and will go with the majority of your wardrobe. You need to choose between quartz and automatic movement (the difference is that quartz watches use a battery that must be replaced every few years but are extremely accurate; automatic watches don’t use a battery but are powered by the movements of the wearer.) Unless you’re a serious diver, you don’t need a watch that’s water-resistant to more than 100 feet. Learning what certain brands are known for can help you decide on what watch will fit you. Breitling is known for their watches that cater to pilots and aviation buffs alike just as Panerai has a history creating watches for the Italian navy and deep sea divers. Jaeger-LeCoultre has long been known for their appeal to Hollywood legends. While watches may be indistinguishable to you at first, seeing what makes each brand different is key in choosing the perfect watch. Bremont Your wedding is a special day in which you prepare to share your life with someone you love and trust, and picking pieces that will last a lifetime seems only fitting. It’s not only a watch for your wedding day; it’s a watch for your new life together. With these tips, go forth and choose carefully, for the watch you choose may end up as a priceless family heirloom!