FRED: Bold, Beautiful and Versatile Jewelry 


FRED's vision of jewelry seamlessly blends exceptional craftsmanship with a keen sense of style, creating collections that transcend time while maintaining a sense of modernity and versatility. It is the type of jewelry that would be just as fitting on a day flitting about the islands on a sailboat as it would be at an exclusive black-tie affair. As the sole resource for this exquisite line in the United States, we take great pride in presenting its distinctive and striking designs.   

Force 10 Bracelet

Anchoring the FRED collection is the Force 10 Bracelet, one of the Parisian jewelry house’s signature pieces. Comprised of a simple braided steel sailing cable and buckle design and available in a wide variety of colors, the bracelet’s avant-garde nautical aesthetic reflects contemporary fashion and casual elegance as well as a bold sense of adventure. Whether worn by women or men, with or without diamonds, FRED's Force 10 collection is a classic yet daring style statement that resonates with those who refuse to be constrained by boundaries and for whom the horizon awaits... 

FRED Turquoise Cord Bracelet with 18k White Diamond LG Buckle, Exclusively at Hamilton Jewelers


FRED White Cord Bracelet with 18k Mother of Pearl LG Buckle, Exclusively ay Hamilton Jewelers


Pretty Woman

The Pretty Woman collection was inspired by the iconic necklace created by the Maison that featured in the eponymous film from 1990.  The collection has come to represent a profound and never-ending love, with its "heart within a heart" aesthetic. It's simple and elegant design evokes a sense of playfulness and joie de vivre that makes it just as perfect for everyday wear as for the specialist of occasions.  

Fred Pretty Woman 18k White Gold and Pave Diamond Heart Pendant, Exclusively at Hamilton Jewelers


Fred Pretty Woman 18k Rose Gold and Pave Diamond Mini Heart Ring


FRED Infinie Buckle Cord Bracelet

The FRED Infinie Buckle Cord Bracelet offers a slight variation of the Force 10 design, replacing the classic buckle design with an infinity symbol. The result is a beautiful bracelet that evokes a sense of everlasting strength and beauty.   

FRED Storm Grey Cord 18k Yellow Gold LG Chance Infinie Buckle


The Man Behind FRED Paris

The brilliant artist behind the brand is Fred Samuel. Born and raised in Argentina in 1908, he began his jewelry career with a passion for pearls, particularly those of the creamy pink shade (which eventually came to be known as ‘FRED-colored’). He channeled his love for color, the bright Argentinian sun, and the sea into stunning designs characterized by bold, curvaceous designs. His innate sense of aesthetics, combined with his innovative perspective on jewelry as an essential component of daily life paved the way for a brand that is both classic and distinctive. Identifying himself as a ‘Contemporary Creative Jeweler,’ he was a true pioneer of modernity. 

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