How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Day Jewelry

*Originally published January 2015 bridal jewelryBy Lisa Shiner Choosing the perfect jewelry for your wedding day can be a fun and exciting task. While it’s the wedding dress which generally gets all of the spotlight leading up to the wedding, the wedding jewels you ultimately select can have a big impact in setting the tone for your entire wedding day look.  While most brides are clear on what flatters them, accessorizing can be a lot less cut and dry. There are a number of ways of approaching this. First, bear in mind that unlike your wedding dress which is worn for the day itself only, your wedding day jewelry is “recyclable”. This means that, if you pick wisely, you can get numerous uses from these pieces for a number of years. Another option is to select different jewelry styles for different parts of the day and evening, allowing you to transition your look as your wedding progresses so you can showcase a variety of different looks, even with the same dress. Another option still, is to have your wedding day jewelry customized to create something completely unique. Whichever route you choose, it’s advisable to leave yourself sufficient time to try on your wedding jewelry with your wedding dress to make sure you’ve achieved an overall look you feel happy with. The right jewelry should ideally highlight your wedding dress and make you feel beautiful without overpowering your overall look. It should express your personality, but also complement your dress. As a rough guideline, gold jewelry goes well with champagne and gold-hue wedding dresses, while silver compliments white and ivory wedding dresses. You should also try to have all of your metal colors match. Remember that less is more, and if opting for a statement piece, play down additional pieces. Follow these simple guidelines for maximizing the effect of your wedding day accessories. Feel free to try on a variety of different jewelry styles, you may end up falling in love with something completely unexpected. If you thought finding your wedding dress was fun, you're in for a treat - it's time to accessorize! PICK THE PERFECT NECKLACE The right necklace can create the effect of literally lighting up a bride’s face and is often one of the first accessories a bride will choose. While there are numerous options, it’s important to choose wisely. There are essentially two points to consider: first, which type of necklace will look best with your wedding dress, and second, which type of necklace will best flatter your neckline. A good rule of thumb is that you don’t want your necklace competing with the neckline of the gown. We’ve listed below a few of the more popular wedding dress styles to help get you on your way. [caption id="attachment_8897" align="aligncenter" width="375"]MIKIMOTO 18K GOLD AND PEARL CHOKER MIKIMOTO 18K GOLD AND PEARL CHOKER[/caption] Strapless Wedding Gowns Strapless gowns are a popular wedding dress choice, showing off the bride’s neckline and shoulders. This style is also one of the most versatile, successfully accommodating a number of necklace options and making it great fun to accessorize! Accent this look by choosing a necklace length no longer than the height of your collarbone. For gowns with a simple style or fabric add some interest with a statement necklace, bold either in choice of metals or colors, to draw attention upwards. For more ornate and elaborate gowns, a single-strand necklace or low-key necklace and pendant work well. You can add a splash of color by making this your something blue or by choosing one of the dominant flower colors from your bridal bouquet. Single Shoulder Gowns Choosing the correct necklace for this neckline will depend on the dress. If the dress style is simple and understated, it can be treated the same as a strapless wedding gown, as detailed above. For more ornate single shoulder wedding dresses, opt for a simple, choker-style necklace and focus more attention on an eye catching pair of earrings or bracelet. [caption id="attachment_8898" align="aligncenter" width="375"]18k White Gold and Diamond 36 inch Necklace 18k White Gold and Diamond 36 inch Necklace[/caption] Spaghetti Strap Wedding Gowns For simple spaghetti strap style-dresses, a necklace which is longer in the middle section, dipping towards the cleavage works best. For ornate or embellished styles, a necklace is likely to make the look too busy, in which case forgo a necklace and opt for earrings and a bracelet. Rounded and Slash-Neck Wedding Gowns Necklace choice for these styles, in which fabric is close to the face, should be kept simple and elegant, so as not to create an overly busy effect. The optimal choice is a longer length necklace. V- Shaped Front Wedding Gowns An increasingly popular choice with brides. For deep V-necks, a thin chain with a simple, medium-sized pendant works well. For halter necklines, the halter portion of the dress already draws a lot of attention, so you can either opt for a choker or forgo the necklace option and opt for mid-length earrings and a matching bracelet. Whichever option you ultimately choose, remember to enjoy the process. Happy hunting! Lisa Shiner is a Partner at BE Group TLV, a premier wedding planner in Israel. The company offers tailored event planning and production for international clients looking to hold an elegant celebration in Israel. Lisa combines a background in law with over six years of experience in the luxury events industry. A certified member of both the UK and Israel Bar, she has pioneered well-drafted vendor agreements, in both English and Hebrew, for BE Group clients. 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