How To Take the Best Engagement Ring Selfie

*Originally published June 2016
Congratulations! He just popped the question and you said yes! Now it's time to share your happiness (and your gorgeous ring) with everyone you know.  As you know from taking tons of selfies over the years, getting the right one can be quite a process, and taking the all important engagement ring selfie could just be your biggest challenge yet.  Not to worry! We are here to provide you with tips on how to get insta-worthy engagement ring shots so you can start racking up the likes.
AnthonyMsmall1. Get in Focus
Cell phone shots will never be super professional, but that's what makes them so personal and special.  Make sure your ring is in proper focus so you can show off all of the shine. To avoid pixellated images don't use the zoom, instead, just move the phone closer. Also, tap the screen where your ring is in the shot and the camera will focus on it.
2. Keep in Mind Selfie Rules
What you love about a regular selfie still applies to capturing your ring. A nice, relaxed pose with an interesting background beats a staged photo studio looking shot every time.
3. Lighting
Lighting is very important for taking the perfect pic and we suggest using natural light to get the best quality and shine.
4. Accentuate What You Love
Have a unique part of your ring that you want to show off? Make sure you angle your shot so that you have that specific detail in the best view possible.  Love the shape of your center stone? Take an overhead shot.
Brendan McCann
5. Get Your Nails Done (or strategically hide them)
While your ring might be stunning, people don't want to see it on someone who looks like they just spent a week in the woods. If your man surprised you with a proposal and you can't wait to post your pic, try a unique pose - like holding hands or bending your fingers slightly.
Ultimately whatever picture makes you happy is the best, but with these tips, hopefully that perfect shot will take a few less tries.