Join Us as we Unveil the new Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection

In a two day event on Friday, February 18th and Saturday, February 19th from 10am to 5pm, Hamilton Jewelers invites you to join us as we unveil The Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection at our Worth Avenue location in Palm Beach, Florida.  As the exclusive source for the collection in Palm Beach, the history and inspiration of Ivanka Trump’s eponymous collection is quite intriguing and detailed.
The businesswoman, socialite, model and author partnered with Dynamic Diamond Corp in 2006 to create a line of fine jewelry, launching in 2007 at her Madison Avenue boutique.  As the vice president of development and acquisitions of the Trump Organization, the busy Ivanka felt that creating the fine jewelry collection was the perfect opportunity to combine her business expertise, luxury insight and jewelry and design passion into a benefit for women wanting to exude grace and sophistication.
The principal founder and creative visionary of the Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection believes that “this jewelry will appeal to women who have a strong sense of themselves, value exquisite craftsmanship and wear even the most important fine  jewelry with a kind of off-handed elegance,” says Ivanka.  “My female customers have a sense of tradition [and] appreciate quality.”
Ivanka draws her inspiration from the best classic pieces of the past century, but includes a modern twist.  Focusing on the decades between the 1920’s and 1950’s, her jewelry takes on an art-deco design, and is inspired by the “structure and elegance of the architecture of New York, to the softer, romantic and feminine silhouettes of the early 50’s, represented by the Divas of Old Hollywood,” explains Ivanka.  Her collection features the highest quality, the most awe-inspiring diamonds and a clear representation of her personal style.
Most importantly, the jewelry pieces are breathtaking works of art.  Black gemstones and diamonds unite in a white setting, mixed with rock crystals and white agate for an utterly chic look.  The Shanghai collection takes on an Asian-inspired motif with a 1930’s art-deco twist for the modern woman.  Rose gold, the ‘it’ color of spring, features elegant and romantic designs, paired with rock crystals in varying shapes and colors, and accented with diamonds, this collection culminates in a delicate, feminine look.
The Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection utilizes varying stone components, mixing diamonds, quartz, rock crystal, onyx, black spinel, mother-of-pearl, pearls, agate and enamel in a look of complete glamour.  Classic looks for the classic woman.
As Hamilton Jewelers unveils this new collection, we delight in inviting our clients to view the classic glamour of this event, and view the pieces of The Ivanka Trump Fine Jewelry Collection that will forever remain etched in your mind.
View the gallery below for a sneak preview of pieces from a most breathtaking collection.