The Most Flattering Engagement Ring Styles For Your Hands & Fingers

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The Most Flattering Engagement Ring Style For Your Hands 

Hand size and finger length give hands their own character that few people take into consideration when purchasing an engagement ring, or any fine jewelry for that matter. Just as different styles of wedding gowns will flatter different body types, engagement ring styles will look better on different hands. Fortunately, it is easier to find that perfectly flattering ring than it is the ideal dress. All a bride has to do is take a look at her hands and assess the following: 

  1. Are your hands large or small? 
  2. Are your fingers long or short? 
  3. Are your fingers wide or thin? 
  4. Do you have large knuckles? 

Engagement Rings For Every Shape & Size Of Fingers 

The length and width of a woman’s fingers, even the size of her knuckles can have affect the way a ring will look on the hand. Discover which style and cut will complement the features of your hands best.  

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles For Long Fingers 

You know you have long fingers if people have ever asked you if you play the piano. People blessed with long fingers (musically talented or not) are lucky because many styles will work for them. However, round stones look particularly lovely and solitaire engagement rings will dazzle here! Wider bands are a definite possibility as well because they will draw attention to the length of your fingers without looking overpowering. If your goal is to make your fingers appear shorter or draw attention away from their length, choose an emerald cut diamond. 

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles Slender Fingers 

Any diamond cut will do well with small fingers, but the trick is not to overwhelm the hand. Small stones will help to make your fingers appear wider, whereas larger diamonds may dwarf and overpower them. As for the band, choose one that is thicker will help to make your fingers look fuller.  

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles For Short Fingers 

Short fingers are excellent backdrops for longer cut diamond engagement rings, such as pear, oval or the regal marquise. Regardless of the width of your fingers, these will help to create an illusion of length. Keep in mind, that wide bands will be unflattering and no matter which diamond cut is chosen, a thin, delicate band will be the best choice. It will help to make fingers look longer since less skin will be covered.  

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles For Wide Fingers 

Women with wide fingers should count themselves lucky because they can have bold and new engagement ring designs. There’s just more room to play with! With this in mind, avoid solitaires and small rings that expose too much skin. Opt for multi-stone rings and emerald cuts. Or a woman can rock a ring with a wide band and smaller diamonds. Here is the opportunity to use your natural canvas to have a one-of-a-kind custom engagement ring! 

Flattering Engagement Ring Styles For Women With Big Knuckles 

Women with large knuckles should remember here that bigger is actually better. The ring will act as a sparkling diversion from your knuckles. Choose heavier bands with intricate designs or large stones. Just like women with wide fingers, here is an opportunity to have a ring unlike the other commonplace designs.  

Engagement Ring Points To Keep In Mind Based On Your Hand Size 

Just as how a ball gown can overwhelm the frame of a petite bride, an engagement ring should be properly proportioned to the size of a woman’s hand. A tiny ring on a larger hand will get lost and make the hand seem larger. A ring too big or bulky for a small hand will dwarf it and look out of place.  

Engagement Ring Proportions For Brides With Small Hands 

Remember, this isn’t just the diamond cut here, it is how the ring will flatter a woman’s hand overall. Women who are petite or just have smaller hands should keep their ring small. Delicate princess cut stones will be lovely and complement her beautifully.  

Engagement Rings For Women With Large Hands 

Like ladies with wide finger and/or large knuckles, women with large hands have several options available to them if they like. Whereas small hands need a small ring, big hands can have large sized diamonds, bands, and make bold or fashionably chunky statements. Multi-stone rings or large marquise cuts will look radiant!  

If you need help finding the perfect ring, come into one of our Hamilton locations and we will be happy to assist you. If you aren’t close to us, build your one-of-a-kind ring online. You can try rings on with our virtual app and choose the best style for your hands before ever making a purchase. Give it a try!