Nontraditional Ceremony Seating

*Originally published July 2013 Picking the perfect flowers, up lighting, and wedding venue are all important details to making your wedding day special, but slowing taking center stage is ceremony seating. You might be thinking that you have no choice in the type of seating your guests have at the ceremony or even the arrangement but think again. Just like asking your guests to choose a seat, not a side has become popular, so has the type of seating! If you’re going the traditional route and getting married in a church, you really don’t have the option of pulling the pews out and redoing the place! If you’re having an outdoor wedding, let’s look at some modern and tradition ways to customize your wedding.

Traditional Outdoor Wedding:

If you're having a traditional, outdoor wedding there are a couple of options for you. You could go with a modern feel of dark wood benches with a crisp color cushion. In this picture, the couple opted for white, but you can incorporate your wedding colors. On these dark benches, sea foam, turquoise, and plum would look amazing! Another seating option for the traditional, outdoor wedding is having church pews. Just because you’re having an outdoor ceremony doesn’t mean you can’t have pews! Adding pillows will give it a warm, cozy feeling.

Modern Wedding:

If you’re a modern bride trying to spice up your ceremony, go with these sleek, white, contemporary chairs.

Chic, Rustic Wedding:

Chic, rustic wedding are very popular and easy to do. This theme allows the couple to mix and match more. Try adding iron chairs with complementary color cushions. Not only will your guest be sitting in style, they will also be comfortable! If iron chairs aren’t for you, try vintage furniture! It might remind you of your grandmother’s furniture, just a lot nicer and without the plastic cover, but this wedding trend is becoming a favorite!

Destination/Beach Wedding:

If you’re having a destination or beach wedding, don’t settle for traditional folding chairs; give your guests something to talk about. Adding wicker, lounge seats and end tables will give your guests an intimate feeling. Your wedding location is beautiful so why shouldn’t your seating be!

Country Wedding:

Having a country wedding? Go with hay bales covered in burlap or quilts. If the bride is over ambitious, she and her family can make the quilts and keep them or give to guests.

Nontraditional Wedding:

If you’re first date was a picnic in the park or if you’re movie lovers, try these nontraditional seating options. For a casual, summer wedding, ask guests to unfold picnic blankets and lounge on the grass! If you and your groom are movie lovers, give your guests popcorn and movie seats! Which is your favorite style? Images courtesy of