What’s Hot at Hamilton: Gifts for Young Adults


If there has ever been a year to treat your younger loved ones to a one-of-a-kind gift, 2021 is definitely the year. Whether they are celebrating their 18th or 21st birthday, or a recent graduation, getting into the school of their choice, or landing that first big girl or big boy job – give them something to commemorate life’s most special moments. 

Nothing says I am proud of you more than an elegant and everlasting piece of jewelry. Give them something personalized or classic - that never goes out of style, something to complement or kick-off the beginning of an adult wardrobe, something they can hand down to the next generation. 

Jewelry makes the perfect gift because it is versatile - from the most poignant to the timeless and practical - there are a multitude of options, which is why we have created this handy Gift Guide. If you are overwhelmed and need some direction, you have come to the right place. We’ve broken it down between young ladies and young men – to make it easier.  

The Cliché is True – The Thought Counts

Most people find the ladies much easier to shop for - but if you want to make sure your lass knows you have put some thought into her gift - you should consider the following things: 

Jewelry is meant to be an extension of her personality... 

The young woman herself will give you all the clues you need to buy something that she wants - not what you would like to see on her. Pay attention to the type of jewelry and clothes she wears and if you can, have a peek inside her jewelry box. Does she tend to wear larger, shiny hoop earrings or smaller, more subtle diamond studs? Does she wear a thin gold chain with a pendant or large, sparkly rings that are intended to make a bold statement?  


Better yet, ask her best friend - that is always a sure bet. Find out if she prefers something more subtle and classic - like pearls. Perhaps she likes a bit of flash - like a sparkly diamond necklace, or maybe she is a trendsetter and would prefer to wear a bespoke piece from a new designer. Is her home filled with antiques? Some girls are partial to vintage collections and might like something old-fashioned and quirky, like an elegant brooch. The more thought you put into the gift, the more she will treasure it. 


Sentiment wins a woman’s heart every single time... 

You just cannot go wrong with an engraved piece that has some unique meaning that's special only to her. Every young lady would love something like a gold and diamond locket necklace to commemorate this moment in her life. Especially if it includes an endearing message etched on the back and a photo included inside. 

Engagement rings are not the only pieces that should be engraved. You could simply say I am proud of you, or I love you. Whether it is her nickname, the date of her birthday or a secret code that only she can understand, personalized gifts are always the most revered and will be cherished for a lifetime.  

Meaningful Metal Means Considering Her Skin Tone 

While we would always suggest a piece of jewelry based on personality and sentiment, once you have narrowed those categories down, you can look at selecting specific metals and gemstones that complement your young lady’s complexion. Jewelry will always be close to your bare skin, and if worn right, it will be the first thing to leave a lasting impression.  

Another way to discover her skin tone is to simply take notice of her hair color - women with darker blond, brown, or black hair will have a warm undertone. Women with icy blond or light brown hair tend to have a cool skin undertone. Women with red hair can be all three skin tones. However, with women dying their hair, this might be difficult to determine. Another way to figure out your Graduate’s skin tone is to see how tan she gets in the summer. If she tans easily, she has a warm skin tone. If she turns pink or tomato red after being out in the sun, then she has a cool undertone. 

Warmer Skin Tones Recommendations 

People with greenish colored veins will have warm, yellow, or golden skin undertones. They can be described as having a peachy or honey-like glow to their skin. The best metal for these lovely ladies would be crafted in traditional yellow gold or the more modern rose gold designs. Warmer colored gems will bring out your Grad’s natural beauty. We would recommend the following warm hued gemstones:  

Cooler Skin Tones Recommendations 

Women with cooler skin tones will have bluish colored veins and their skin gives off a rosy-red or blush pink glow. This also includes people with darker or tan skin, like a chocolate or coffee hue. People with cool undertones look amazing in white goldplatinum and silver metals. Here is a list of gemstones that will make them sparkle:   

Mixing Metals: No Longer a No-No 

We have certainly evolved from the days when mixing gold and silver jewelry was a serious faux pas. For those lucky ladies that can wear anything, a two-tone watch is a popular and practical gift for your loved one. 

The Crowning Jewel for your Lovely Young Lady 

Gemstones can be put into two major categories – precious and semi-precious. The precious jewels are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Semi-precious gemstones cover everything else. If your burgeoning beauty does not have an obvious preference, you cannot go wrong with a diamond. If not, we can help you choose by explaining the meaning of each stone and the birthday month it represents. 


Gemstones: Their meanings & the corresponding birthdays 

For centuries, gemstones have been a magical part of our culture. Jewelry is not just a symbol of status or commitment but has been worth throughout time for their healing properties, good luck and protection. Each stone has its own unique meaning. Give her a gemstone that will carry a symbolic message just for her.  

Agate: Balance Body, Mind & Spirit

This stone is said to help you take a step back, a deep breath and soothe yourself. The International Gem Society has even appointed Agate as the alternate, more modern birthstone for those born in June who do not like traditional pearls.  

Pearl: The Symbol of Feminine Perfection

Pearls have been a symbol of innocence and perfection since the beginning of time. Freshwater pearls, buried and hidden within an oyster’s shell, come in a wide array of shapes – each of them beautiful and unique. Ultra-feminine, the pearl is a classic choice – not just for ladies born in June, but also for the women who bring elegance into any room they enter.

Garnet: Eternal Love & Safe Travels

Given the striking resemblance between a garnet and a pomegranate, in Greek mythology, a pomegranate is considered a gift of love and separation – with the hope of a quick and safe return. It’s also January’s birthstone and traditionally given during on a 19th wedding anniversary.  

Ruby: Power. Wealth. Protection.

The folklore for rubies is much like that of garnets. People once believed that all red stones were the same. However, rubies are a much more valuable gem. They have a much more brilliant shine and are stronger and more durable than garnets. Soldiers wore them for protection and kings wore rubies too, as it was thought to attract more wealth.  

Sapphire: Spiritual Strength. Wisdom. Royalty.

The sapphire is so much more than September’s birthstone, it was worn by royalty and thought to enhance wisdom and divine favor. It’s celestial, heavenly color may be one of the reasons why this particular stone is heavily steeped in the lore of every religion. Give your special gal the gift of hope, faith, and spiritual wisdom.  

Topaz: The Golden Stone of Peace & Healing 

While this traditionally yellow stone (although topazes can come in many different colors, like blue – as seen below) is full of fiery energy, and was believed to attract gold, it was also said to bring about peace and healing. Before the 20th century, all gemstones that were orange, brown and yellow were considered topazes, but obviously, this is not the case. November’s birthstone is said to have mystical properties.  


Shine Bright like a Diamond 

We saved the best for last. Rhianna’s not wrong, nothing shines as bright as a diamond. There is no way you can get it wrong – regardless of skin tone, attitude, personal style – a diamond always carries sentimental value. Whether it is the first pair of diamond earrings to ever grace her jewelry box, or a diamond pendant necklace to add to her growing collection, the cliché is true – diamonds are a girl’s best friend. 

Diamonds: The Oldest & Most Indestructible Material on Earth 

Along with lucky women born in April, diamonds are the most meaningful gem to give your graduate. Long ago, diamonds were worn as a symbol of courage and invincibility. Derived from the Greek word “adamas” - which translates to “indestructible.” Give your her a gift that represents enduring strength, not just for today, but for the years to come. 


For the Special Young Man in your Life

Let us not forget our handsome young lads. In 2021, men have a lot more options for jewelry. They deserve to add a bit of pizazz to their attire. Whether it be a three-piece suit or business casual, we have something for every occasion.  


While cufflinks might have traditionally been appropriate for formal wear, like tuxedos, today they represent a piece of jewelry that is both snazzy and functional. For the men who appreciate the details, this handy little fastener can add style and sophistication to any type of wardrobe. 

Men’s Accessories 

Whether it be a tie bar, money clip, or a signet ring, give your guy something meaningful to him. Having the accessories engraved will make it something that he treasures forever and will pass on to the next generation.  


Watches Make an Excellent Gift for Every Occasion

The most popular gift for anyone – male or female – is a high-quality watch that will complement his or her professional wardrobe. Whether you think they would want a watch they can wear every day or something that they will wear on special occasions, we have everything that will suit your needs.  

Watches Every Woman Needs 

There are 5 distinct categories to choose from when selecting a watch for women; however, for a special occasion, we would recommend getting her a work or luxury watch.  Ensure your loved one is on time every time with one of the beautiful yet functional watches listed below. 

A Man’s Watch Says a lot about his Character.  

From the type of car he drives, to the suits he wears, a man’s wristwatch says a lot about him. From the charmingly dapper to the smooth and sophisticated, give your young man a token worthy of his achievements or something that signifies a big birthday or occasion. 

Nothing says I love you – quite like Montblanc. 

For those who might not be into jewelry, we have a vast array of items that will mark this special occasion. Our stock includes everything from desk clocks to frames to old fashion drink glasses. Not to mention the various selection of Montblanc pens, briefcases, and leather card cases seen below. 

Give your young adult a classic piece of jewelry to
mark their rite of passage into adulthood.