The Ultimate Guide: Jewelry Trends 2022


2022 is a year that is all about the drama. Bold, statement jewelry pieces in titanium, ebony, and gold have been spotted adorning models on runways all over the world. Minimalism is a thing of the past, as we get out of our sweatpants and back into our business casual attire. Keep it simple but keep it bold – that seems to be the motto for this year. Every year, jewelry designers take a classic design and create a contemporary look. Titanium, the new silver, is being seen everywhere. Ebony pieces are the definition of dramatic and go with every skin type. You can never go wrong with gold – optimistic and vibrant is the name of the game this year.  


Titanium, named for the Titans of Greek mythology who were known for their amazing strength, was discovered toward the end of the 18th century. Its weight is similar to aluminum, but its strength is the same as steel. Initially used for space shuttles and automotive, marine, sports and medical equipment, it is only recently that jewelry artisans have started using it. Along with platinum credit cards, companies now produce titanium credit cards as the ultimate achievement.  

There are so many reasons that titanium jewelry is on the rise this year. In fact, no other metal has experienced such a notable rise in popularity as titanium. It has the same dramatic, rich grey tones of platinum without the hefty price tag. Titanium is a hot commodity in the designer jewelry community for several reasons.  

  • Lightweight metal – no heavy metal weighing you down 
  • Durable/Strong - almost impossible to break accidentally (used for space shuttles!) 
  • Not easily corroded – go swimming in the pool or sea without fear of damage 
  • Lifetime of luster – will not fade with time 
  • 100% Hypoallergenic 
  • Can be changed into any color you prefer  
  • Affordable/Cost-effective – but still good quality 

Titanium is strong and bold. A new interpretation of metallic. Titanium has an edgy spin on metallic.  

Pomellato Nudo Ring
Pomellato Nudo 18k Rose Gold and Titanium Obsidian Ring 
Bulgari Octo Titanium Watch
Bulgari Octo Finissimo Titanium 102713 


Black jewelry is not something you see every day. Black jewelry – whether it be made with onyx or black diamond – is known for its dramatic color and appearance. These gorgeous pieces make a bold statement for any occasion.  

Ebony Wing Earrings
Noor Fares Fly Me To The Moon 18k Ebony Wing Earrings


Onyx is made by the accumulation of volcanic gases. It is an ancient gemstone and has been used in jewelry since the beginning of time. Black onyx may look like a black diamond, but it is much softer. Black onyx is thought to be a powerful warrior stone and those who wear it receive feelings of an immense personal power that enable you to conquer your fears. David Yurman has several gorgeous pieces made with black onyx.  

Onyx Necklace
Chantecler Bon Bon Black Onyx Necklace
Diamond Stretch Bracelet
18k White Gold Black Onyx and Diamond Stretch Bracelet
Black Onyx Ring
David Yurman Chatelaine® Ring with Black Onyx and Diamonds, 11mm

Black Diamonds

Black diamonds are from Central Africa and Brazil. Black diamonds don’t form like regular diamonds and are exceedingly rare. This rare, shadowy gemstone is surrounded by intrigue and mystery, as many geologists have no idea how they came to be.  

However, there is a theory that a supernova occurred billions of years ago and expelled a mass of material that fell to the earth in the shape of a meteor. Some say they originated in a star, while others think they are of extraterrestrial origins. Regardless of the origin, black diamonds are breathtakingly beautiful. Pomellato has an amazing array of black diamonds in their collections. 

Black Diamond Bracelet
Pomellato Sabbia 18k Gold and Black Diamond Bracelet
Cross Black Diamond Necklace
Chevron Cross with Black Diamonds

Glittering Gold

Nothing glitters quite like gold. Gold jewelry has always been, and will always be in style. In 2022, the more yellow gold you can pile around your neck, wrist, and fingers the better! Layers of lustrous and shiny gold chains adorn runway models around the world. This year is all about making a statement and standing out from the crowd. You are spoiled for choices when it comes to yellow gold. 

Yellow Diamond Ring
Platinum and 18k Yellow Gold 3.42CT Fancy Light Yellow Diamond Ring
Yellow Gold Chain Necklace
18k Yellow Gold 28 Inch Necklace and Bracelet
Bangle Bracelet
Classic 14k Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet
Flat Link Bracelet
18k Yellow Gold Flat Link Bracelet
14k Gold Disc Circle Earrings
14k Yellow Gold Disc and Circle Earrings

Titanium, ebony & gold pieces are all the rage on and off the runway. 2022 is the year for making a bold statement and standing out from the crowd. Don’t be shy about layering your favorite pieces this year, no matter the event. More than ever, it’s time to bring out your inner shine! 

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