The Ultimate Guide to Layered Necklaces

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There was a time when wearing more than one necklace at a time was considered a bit tawdry and unfashionable. This year has seen more people adopting the attitude of “more is more”. People everywhere want to make a statement from the waist up which is one of the reasons why layered necklaces are so hot this year. We believe this trend will continue into 2022.” There is a subtle art to layering necklaces and if you want a “zoom-worthy” look for your next meeting, we are here to give you some tips. 

Yellow Gold Necklace
Moon Necklace
White Gold Necklace

Choice of Necklaces 

There is not just one way to layer necklaces – it truly depends on what type of look you are going after. If you want simple and elegant, you may want thin gold chains with a simple pendant, jewel, or charm. If you want something edgy and elegant, you can choose asymmetrical or unusual charms or a flash of brilliant color. The options are endless. What truly matters are the small details to keep your look stylish and elegant. Combine your favorite necklaces – whether it’s a statement diamond necklace or gold chains and charms – and create a look that could either be bold and showy or light and beguiling. The point is to express your creativity. 

Kogolong Necklace

Number of Necklaces

The big question is how much is too much when the fashion philosophy this year is “more is more.”  While fashion designers are reluctant to dole out rules, there is a consensus that good things come in threes. When you layer three different necklaces of different lengths you can put a statement necklace in the middle, which will really stand out. In general, most people choose between three and five necklaces to layer. The most important thing is the aesthetics in styles, shapes, and lengths. See below for a layered look with three different lengths and styles, but with the same 14K yellow gold and a flash of diamonds.  

Sofia Necklace
Diamond Bezel Pendant
Pink Chain Necklace


Spacing is possibly the most important thing to consider when layering your necklaces. Spacing is key for visuals, as well as preventing your necklaces from getting tangled. We recommend layering your necklaces at least ½ inch apart. If you want a perfectly symmetrical look, we suggest doing even spacing: 16 inches18 inches. If you want to spice things up a bit, you can organize the lengths this way: 17 inches, 22 inches, 36 inches. Play around with a few different lengths and see what pleases you.  

Pink Heart Necklace

Charms & Shapes 

It would be wise to have the longest necklace end in a drop charm shape. While there are a lot of charms to choose from, they can be broken down into 2 categories – drop charms and bar charms. Layered necklaces look amazing when both the drop and bar charm shapes are used. It creates a sense of depth, the illusion of an elongated appearance, and adds more dimension to the look you are trying to achieve.   

Love Pendant
Star Charm
Key Charm

Length Matters

When necklaces are too similar in length they tend to get tangled easily. When layering necklaces, it is important that each one varies in length by a couple of inches. If you are wearing your big statement piece that comes with a dangling pendant in between two other necklaces, you will want to have space for it to shine. If you really want two necklaces that are the same length, at least move the charms to different sides. It is advisable to start with a choker or the shortest length necklace and gradually work your way up.  

White Gold Choker
Boundless Necklace
Chain Necklace

Play with Textures 

Have a little fun with your layered necklaces and think outside the box. In fact, forget the box altogether. You can pair necklaces made from beads, pearls, leather, velvet, diamonds, gold, silver, and other gems and metals. Think about the weight as well; combine dainty gold chains with a set of gigantic pearls or, better yet, enormous diamonds.  

Chain Necklace
Chain Necklace
Mizuki Dancing Pearl with Small Diamond Heart 14k Necklace

Mix & Match Metals (and everything else!) 

Just as it was once a faux pas to wear more than one necklace, it was also a no-no to mix up your metals. Today, contrasting metal colors makes a bold statement. The name of the game in layering necklaces is to mix and match everything – weight, metal, jewels, texture, color, etc. 

Variety is the spice of life, so live it up a bit and mix rose, white, and yellow golds together with different color enamels.  

The Crossover Collection® Pendant Necklace with 14K Yellow Gold

 Keep it Colorful with Jewels 

Adding bright, beautiful pops of color is always a good idea. You can do this with contrasting different metals and enamel, as we stated earlier, and you can do it with sparkling gemstones, or a loved one’s birthstone. There are so many jewels to choose from – rubiessapphires , emeraldsdiamonds – every color of the rainbow is within your reach.  

We do suggest having a base metal color if you are going to use more than one jewel, as it can get a little overwhelming. If you are going for something elegant and classy, we suggest picking a dominant color of gold and then adding one or two accent pieces in another color. Like the two pieces we’ve picked below: the dominant color is rose gold, and the diamond star adds a bit of pizazz to the overall look.  

Pink Star Necklace
Pink Gold Necklace

Diamonds are in Hot Demand 

For example, check out the two Jade Trau diamond necklaces below.  

Jade Trau Vanguard Medallion
Jade Trau Riviera Necklace

What to Wear

Another rule of thumb is to keep your outfit in mind when you’re choosing chain lengths and styles of layering.  

  • Strapless Shirt: Anything goes 
  • Scoop-neck/Boat-neck: Chokers and shorter necklaces 
  • V-neck – long, pendant or charm style necklaces 
  • Button-up – several shorter necklaces layered together 
  • Slender, dainty chains and a minimalist choker complement almost every outfit especially chunky sweaters. 
  • Little Black Dress: Add a bit of pizazz with an interesting pendant or an asymmetrical charm. A choker works too with several smaller gold chains.  
  • Lariat necklaces are versatile and adapt to many different styles 
  • Collar or Crew necklaces go well with off-the-shoulder outfits, turtlenecks, V-necks, and boat-necks.    
  • Go easy on the necklaces if your outfit has a lot going on (over-sized collar, thick sweater, large prints, etc.) 

Rules? There are no rules if you keep it personalized, quirky, and unique. 

After all our well-meant advice, the most important thing to tell you is to go with your gut. Your indoor décor isn’t the only thing that should bring you joy. Like any trained artist will say, sometimes you’ve got to know the rules to break them. Anything sentimental – like your name or your initials, lockets, or just a unique piece that not too many people have acquired – are the pieces that set off the layered look quite well.  

Unsure what layered look would go best with your office gear and nighttime wear?