Fine Jewelry For The 1920s Vintage & Great Gatsby Inspired Bride

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The Vintage Bride Goes Gatsby For The New Year

As we welcome the new decade, brides looking to spice up their wedding day with vintage flair have the ultimate inspiration: the return of the Roaring 20s. 

This was an era of freedom, class and glamour. Like the women of the original 20s, there’s no doubt that the modern bride taking her cue from this decade will have sequins, pearls or feathers to jazz up her gown. But what seals this signature “Gatsby” look is the jewelry she chooses to pair with her dress. After all, Gatsby is all about the glamour; so don’t hold back on the pieces that will truly bring sparkle to your day! 

The signature style of the 1920s—right down to the fine jewelry—was art deco.  

What Is The Style Of Art Deco?

black and gold geometric, art deco design

Coming in on the heels of Art Nouveau (Modernist Art), Art Deco (aka: Deco or Style Moderne) was an art movement that began in Western Europe just before WWI. It took over just about everything from jewelry to architecture with the intention of creating a look that is both sleek and elegant, despite it’s departure from traditional styles. The defining characteristic of Art Deco is the simple, streamlined, and clean geometric shapes. A famous example is the Chrysler Building in New York City. 

 Art Deco Jewelry For The Roaring 20’s Inspired Vintage Bride  

Art Deco bracelets are the best way to catch everyone’s eye. With clustered diamonds and gemstones in geometrical shapes, your wrist will glitter with every gesture and catch light from every angle. Just imagine how a bracelet in this style will sparkle as you toss your bouquet!  

Art Deco bracelets are stunning works of art that will make your entire vintage look glamorous. 

Women of the 1920s didn’t shy away from rings, and neither should the vintage bride. While you shouldn’t let the other rings you choose steal the spotlight from your engagement ring, they can be the Deco detail that completes your look.  

Art Deco rings are making a comeback as custom engagement rings, as more women look to the 1920s for inspiration. 

Something blue just got dazzling! Art Deco inspired earrings make a statement. They can also add a pop of color to your look while framing your face. That’s a win-win. If you’re going all out in your Roaring 20s inspired look, your hair will likely be up and out of your face. Even if you choose a sparkly hair ornament or headband, these earrings will never look like too much—they’ll be perfectly en pointe. 

Drop Deco earrings make a statement while keeping your look consistent. 

The signature flapper look is incomplete without a long strand of pearls. With everything else sparkling, pearls are there for both glamour and balance. A vintage Gatsby wedding simply won’t be complete without these around your neck. The beauty of pearls is that they can complement any neckline you choose. (See Hamilton’s Ultimate Pearl Buying Guide for more information on this.) 

A long strand of pearls seals the looks for a vintage bride taking her cue from the flappers of the 1920s. 

Hamilton Jewelers have been helping brides select fine jewelry for their wedding day since 1912. This means that we’ve been there for the original Roaring 20s and we know how to perfectly outfit you in this decade’s signature style. Trust our 100+ years experience to help you, too. Come into one of our locations to see our curated collections in person.