Personalized Jewelry: Hamilton Jeweler’s Guide to Making it Personal


A Guide To Personalized Jewelry Piece

  Looking for a unique jewelry piece that you or someone will treasure for a lifetime? Personalized jewelry is the answer. From a king’s signet ring to a lady’s locket, fine jewelry has been personalized for centuries, and the tradition still continues today. However, not every type of personalized jewelry will fit every person’s taste or style. Check out our quick guide below to understand your personalization options and discover how to make it one of a kind.

Monogrammed Jewelry

Monogrammed jewelry is an undisputed classic and definitely taking the spotlight for those who appreciate modern elegance. They are embroidered on the finest silks and proudly shown on family crests. Monograms are a wonderful way to personalize a gift because it consists only of the person’s initials for concise elegance. Plus, initials are often repeated throughout the generations of a family, meaning that a piece of monogrammed fine jewelry can be passed down as an heirloom or even as a token of remembrance.

Engraved Jewelry

Engraving is a wonderful personalization option that many jewelers offer as part of their services. It takes the idea of a monogram a bit further, allowing for an entire name to be forever bonded to a fine piece. Modern laser technology makes it possible to even write a note of love and friendship a person can forever carry with on his or her person. The beauty of engravings is that it can be hidden, keeping it a special secret on jewelry of any style. Generations to come can read and hold the affection one person felt for another in the palm of their hands.

Lockets Jewelry

Lockets are pieces of traditional fine jewelry that makes personalization all its own. Elegant pendants keep pictures or tiny keepsakes close to the wearer’s heart, as a constant reminder of the memory and affection shared between individuals. Lockets can offer ornate elegance or refined simplicity, this is a lovely option for all ages to always hold items or photos cherished.

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstones are a wonderful way to give someone a personalized gift without emphasizing personal sentiment. Each month has a corresponding gemstone making a piece of fine jewelry with a person’s birthstone an ideal birthday gift. Unless a person simply and absolutely does not like the color of their birthstone, these gemstones give a splash of color to their fine jewelry collection and are universally appreciated. The beauty of a birthstone is that it can be incorporated into jewelry pieces of all types and aesthetics.