Who is David Yurman?


David Yurman is a name synonymous with elegance, luxury, and style in the world of high-end jewelry. He is an American designer and entrepreneur who has created some of the most iconic pieces of jewelry that adorn the wrists, necks, and ears of celebrities and fashion icons alike. From his signature cable bracelet to his intricate rings and necklaces, Yurman's designs are known for their unique combination of timeless beauty and modern sensibility. Come with Hamilton Jewelers as we delve into the fascinating story of David Yurman, his philosophy on design, and the exquisite jewelry pieces that have made him and his company a household name. 

There is No David Without Sybil

Most people are aware of the name David Yurman, but most are not aware that the “House of Yurman” has another integral figure in its conception and success to this day, and that person is Sybil Yurman, David’s long-time artistic partner and wife.  

Born only a few months apart, David and Sybil almost seem destined to be together. Raised only a few miles from each other but never meeting, David and Sybil developed a passion for art and expression in their youth. Him from prehistoric cave drawings. Her from the French Impressionists. It took numerous apprenticeships with sculptors and artists in New York and California to finally meet in 1969 when they both were working for sculptor Hans Van de Bovenkamp. The attraction was immediate, and from there a household jewelry name was soon to come. 

Yurman in the 70’s- “Sculpture to Wear”

The 70’s brought success for both David and Sybil. Taking a sculptor’s eye and artist’s sensibility to everything he did, David began creating pieces of “wearable art.” Sybil wore these pieces to events drawing the eye of many people. Most famous was the Dante necklace David designed and welded for Sybil. Upon visiting the Forum Gallery one Saturday morning an art dealer asked who designed Sybil’s necklace to which she replied, “David.” The dealer asked if it was for sale, and from there the rest is history. Sybil and David sold four necklaces that day catapulting him into the jewelry market instantaneously.  

The late part of the 70’s saw David and Sybil opening their first art studio where David created pieces of jewelry which he affectionately named, “sculpture to wear.” He was also named one of twelve emerging jewelry designers in 1977. To close out the decade, David and Sybil married.  

The 80’s- Birth of the Next Generation

The beginning of the 80’s meant more movement for David and Sybil Yurman. In 1980, the David Yurman Company was formed, and possibly one of the most important personal moments in both of their lives came in 1982 with the birth of their son, Evan Yurman.  

Along with the birth of their son, the creation and birth of David Yurman’s most iconic look and piece of jewelry also took place in 1982. Twisting and shaping 50 feet of gold wire by hand, turning single wires into a thicker cable like design, David designed a bracelet with pink tourmaline and emeralds set into the ends of the bracelet. This cable design is an aesthetic that Mr. Yurman calls, “the river that flows through all of their designs.” 

Cable Bracelet with Pearls and Diamonds

Yurman’s first design of the cable bracelet included pink tourmaline and emerald stones. Over the years many gemstones have been included in this design like this beautiful pearl and diamond version of the cable bracelet.  


The 90’s-2023- Revolutionizing the Industry

David Yurman continued to push the jewelry designing boundaries well into the 1990’s where in 1997, Yurman turned the industry on its head by setting diamonds into sterling silver pieces called Silver Ice. This was a design move that, up until that point, had never been seen.  

During the 90’s and 2000’s, The David Yurman Company also revolutionized the advertising space when they created campaigns utilizing beautiful naturalistic black and white photos of supermodels wearing David Yurman pieces shot by famous fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh. These images replaced the common still-life fare that was up to that point commonplace in fine jewelry advertising. Throughout the 2000’s, Kate Moss even became a face for the company with numerous ad campaigns shot in this same style.  

The rest of the 2000’s saw the opening of multiple David Yurman boutiques from Rodeo Drive to Madison Ave in New York City, as well as many awards and accolades.

Evan Yurman

We would be remiss not to highlight David and Sybil’s son who has been a key creative executive in the company since 2003 when he was named the Design Director of men’s jewelry. He has since contributed to men’s jewelry, wedding, timepieces, and high jewelry collections with his keen design eye. 

Company Values and Philanthropy

The concept of giving back is obviously close to both David and Sybil Yurman. Between donating the proceeds of a specially designed rubber cable bracelet to the Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that combats poverty in New York City, to partnering and donating to many charities like The Trevor Project, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, and River Fund, the David Yurman Company upholds their commitment to upholding human rights. They also use conflict free diamonds in all their wedding designs and uphold a stringent code of conduct for any business looking to become a certified DY partner.  

Yurman Pieces

David Yurman pieces are perfectly worn on their own or in your own curated layered or stacked style. From necklaces, to rings to bracelets Hamilton Jewelers can outfit you in the finest of David Yurman designs.  

Cable Edge Saddle Ring in Recycled Yellow Gold

This ring from the Spring 2023 collection is a bold and beautiful addition to your jewelry collection. Made from recycled 18k yellow gold, this will be a standout. 

R17533 8Y7

Cable Classics Bracelet

Another flawless example of the cable design comes in this classic bracelet with amethyst caps. Perfect for everyday wear, make this a part of your collection.  

B12381 S4AAMM

Cable Cross Pendant


Showing versatility, David Yurman also has designs with a more masculine feel including the cable cross pendant where the quintessential cable design is still very present.

Mixed Metal Sculpted Cable Ring

With a more masculine flare, this ring is a beautiful example of marrying sterling silver and yellow gold. Speaking of marriage, this band would be perfect to commemorate your nuptials!

B12381 S4AAMM

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