The House of Repossi: A Family of Modern Luxury & Fine Jewelry Design


Fine Jewelry Designer Jewelry Spotlight: The House of Repossi

Founded in Torino, Italy in 1920, fine jewelry designer Repossi has a century-old tradition of family and finery. Since its inception, House of Repossi has become an international name with flagship storefronts in Monte Carlo, Italy and Paris, France. The tradition of modern elegance continues as the torch is passed to the new generations…

Repossi 18k Rose Gold and 4 Row Diamond Ring

Finery is a Family Business

The earliest creations of the Repossi fine jewelry designs began with Cosantino Repossi. A student of industrial design, his jewelry pieces featured the Art Deco and Avant-Garde styles to blend his technical background with the grace of luxury jewelry. The results were breathtaking and inspired his son Alberto to design his own pieces at a very young age.

Alberto Repossi was truly a catalyst for bringing the brand to the world stage. Taking over the business, both his designs and business expansion made House of Repossi a living legend. In fact, under Alberto’s leadership, Repossi became the official purveyor of His Royal Highness, Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

House of Repossi has since gained new modern appreciation and spotlight since Alberto’s daughter, Gaia, became the brand’s creative director at the age of 21. Unlike her father and grandfather, Gaia took a different approach to her career in fine jewelry. She began by studying art and her studies have brought about design inspirations that have reformed the brand. Taking her cues from sculpture and architecture, Gaia’s designs speak to a new and groundbreaking style. By pushing the boundaries of conventional fine jewelry, Gaia Repossi has not only brought increasing international fame to her family’s business—she’s been in the spotlight herself. In 2013, Gaia was named “Best Jewelry Designer of the Year” at the Elle UK Style Awards. Throughout the years, Gaia has partnered with designers from around the world to bring about new and exciting designs.

Repossi Barbere 18k Rose and Gold Diamond Earrings
Repossi Antifer 18k Gold and Black Rhodium Diamond Bracelet

Hamilton Jewelers is proud to carry luxury jewelry pieces by House of Repossi. It’s an honor to be part of a century old tradition, and we look forward to the new inspiring designs Gaia has in store. Come into one of our locations to see our curated Repossi jewelry pieces in person.