A Hamilton Love Story: Jenna & Matt

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How He Asked: A Hamilton Jewelers Valentine’s Day Story 

For over 100 years, Hamilton Jewelers has been part of countless successful proposals and engagements. We are proud to share with you one of our most recent: the love story of Jenna and Matt. Hear them tell their story and how Hamilton was there to provide the crowning jewel of their romance. 

Matt (left) & Jenna (right) sit together on a bench on the Princeton University campus.

How We Met 

Jenna:  Matthew and I met in my kitchen! He and my brother were freshmen in college, and I was a senior in high school.  It was the end of his spring break, and my brother invited Matt and a few other college friends over to our house. It just so happened to be my birthday party with over 20 people (including friends and relatives)!  It was basically love at first sight, which grew much stronger over the last 7 years.  

What’s going make the wedding so much fun is that so many people were there when we first met and have lived our story with us. 

Jenna (right) and Matt (left) wear white and black in their engagement photos on the Princeton University campus.

How We Chose the Ring 

Matt: Several months into my search for an engagement ring, one of my former Princeton professors recommended that I check out Hamilton, so I stopped by on my way home from the lab one day on Nassau Street.  

On that visit, I just fell in love with one setting in particular that Diane showed me. It held the diamond up beautifully and left the culet visible with a very unique yet simple design that allowed tons of light in. It was a 4-prong setting, and Jenna had hinted that she liked the look of 6-prong rings, so Diane had it made with 6 prongs as a custom engagement ring. She was an absolute joy to work with and super patient, as I made sure every detail of the ring was perfect

I'm so happy I chose Hamilton

A close up of Jenna & Matt holding hands to show off the engagement ring.

How He Asked 

Jenna: Matthew asked me to marry him in Palm Beach, Florida.  Palm Beach is my favorite place in the world and has always felt so magical me.  I was on vacation with my family at the Breakers and knew Matt was staying with his best friend nearby who had recently moved to Palm Beach.  I was not expecting an engagement that week (although perhaps I should have as it was the anniversary of when we had met).   

We went for a walk—just the two of us—before dinner with my family at Ta-boo. The rain had just stopped, and the sun began to shine again in the early evening, as we were magically alone in Via Parigi on Worth Avenue, surrounded by Palm Trees with twinkling lights.  There was no one around (except for a hiding photographer who I didn’t see) and he asked me to marry him with the perfect Hamilton ring.  It was my easiest “YES!” 

Matt (left) embraces his fiancé (right) in a tender moment on the Princeton University Campus. 

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Photography by: Christy Nicole , Location: Princeton University