The Premier Jewelry Tradeshow: Hamilton Jewelers At Baselworld 2019

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Baselworld 2019

Hamilton At Baselworld 2019:
The Premier Jewelry Show

For over 100 years, Baselworld has been the world’s premier tradeshow for watches, jewelry, gems and related industries. 2019 promised to be a year unlike any other, being hailed as “a year of transition”. And it certainly delivered. March 21st-26th not only showcased the latest trends, allowing industry professionals to accurately judge the upcoming market, but it moved from an industry’s order platform to a year-round marketing & communications platform. With everything becoming mobile, the need for digital communication tools is paramount, and the show revealed the most innovative methods on this matter. (Sorry, but we can’t give away those secrets just yet!)
The 2019 Baselworld had strong emphasis on the visitors’ live experiences. New restaurants and bars were found within the hall, and fashion shows strutted the most in-vogue mode and fine jewelry of the season. And just which pieces stole the show?
[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="250"]Hamilton At Baselworld Left to Right: Anne Russell VP of Merchandising, Andrew Siegel Director of Business Strategy and Operations (and 4th Generation), Terri Goldsmith Princeton Store Director[/caption]


Once upon a time watchmakers were revered as mechanical magicians for their ability to accurately keep time with gears and cogs, and the tradition still living today is no less miraculous. With the precision of these timepieces married with their astonishing design aesthetic, it is no wonder that they ruled the show. After all, Rolex flourishes a crown for a reason.
Here are some of our favorites from the event:

Tudor Black Bay P01

Casio Limited-Edition Rainbow MT-G

Patek Philippe Ref. 5212A-001 Calatrava Weekly Calendar

Hamilton is an authorized Rolex jeweler, as well as an authorized dealer for many other luxury brands present at Baselworld. See our online selection of watches or stop in one of our stores to see the array of both the latest fine timepieces and vintage luxury watches that we have available.