Introducing The New Hamilton Watch & Timepiece Salon In Princeton, NJ

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Introducing The New Hamilton Watch Salon At Our Princeton Luxury Jewelry Store

Luxury is not a number. Luxury is an experience.

For over 100 years, Hamilton Jewelers has been classed among the finest jewelry stores. For decades, our reputation for elite customer service and sophisticated curated products has preceded us, and for good reason.

Certified in-store experts care for the finest names in jewelry and timepiece design that we have meticulously curated. From custom engagement rings to private reserve estate pieces, our customers value the experience we have effortlessly architected. We are proud and honored to unveil the next evolution of the signature Hamilton experience in our flagship location in Princeton, NJ: The Watch Salon.

A full view picture of the length of the new Watch Salon.

High Class & High-Tech Luxury Features Of The Hamilton Watch Salo

Designed by CallisonRTKL, the new Watch Salon is an experience of discovery and appreciation for the art of timepiece craftsmanship.

The Watch Salon State Of The Art Luxury Timepiece Display

Whether a client is in the market for a royal Cartier watch or a head-turning fashion statement by Gucci, they can find an array of selection in the Salon. Kept safely behind two state of the art keyless locking watch display walls, the watches are magically displayed for optimal viewing. Among the first of their kind in the United States, these displays are designed to streamline the discerning customer’s experience.

A display case in the watch salon showcasing an array of Jaeger LeCoultre timepieces.

Similarly, the Watch Salon will feature another Stateside first: an open display designed by the renowned Swiss inventor, Xavier Dietlin. The rotating display takes away the traditional glass barriers between watches and clients to create a more intimate experience.

The Watch Salon Is A Secure Site For Timepiece Repairs, Appraisals & Fine Jewelry Conversation

A timepiece is a delicate instrument, which is why we offer our clients every opportunity to ensure that their watch or fine jewelry is treated with the utmost care. Therefore, our new Watch Salon space features Hamilton’s updated after-sales service and restoration consultation area. There, clients can sit with trained gemologists, jewelers, watchmakers, and service consultants so they feel confident in their purchase and custodianship of heirloom pieces for repair. Because the safety of precious timepieces is our priority, the one-of-a-kind secure service counter housing repaired watches for pickup can only be accessed with a companion card to our state of the art locking system.

A showcase wall for luxury watches and accessories in the Watch Salon.

For clients who are looking to discover new timepiece and jewelry accessories, personal displays, and winders, there is a dedicated area to the task. Sales associates at our central presentation counter are available to help clients not only find what they are looking for, but also discuss timepieces and their subtleties.

We value the privacy of all of our clients and understand the sensitive nature of timepiece names and value. Whether a client needs personalized care for a timepiece or has recently come into possession of an heirloom watch, such as a Patek Philippe the Hamilton Watch Salon also features a private appraisal and consultation office. Our appraisal experts will always be candid and transparent when assessing the value and unique needs of your luxury items.

The Watch Salon Is An Experience of Client Education & Relaxation

Clients never miss a beat and are always given an insider look into the industry with an interactive video wall created by one of the world's top digital retail design firms. The wall showcases the latest from Hamilton, its artisans, and brands. See exclusive behind-the-scenes looks into Hamilton’s workshops on the lower level of the store.

To make our clients’ experiences in our Watch Salon as enjoyable as possible, we have a coffee bar and lounge area for their use. Clients can sip on a cup of gourmet coffee while our staff tends to their timepieces, or while browsing for a new piece to add to their watch collection. Coming soon, the Salon will allow access to our lovely Princeton courtyard where clients can sit and relax with a book about fine timepieces, rare gemstones, or historic jewels, to name a few.

A large open book with information about timepieces is on displace at the central counter.

Some luxury timepiece brands, such as Rolex, are only available for purchase at our in-store locations. To have a better idea of our selection, clients can still browse all watches and their brands online to expedite their purchasing decisions upon their Watch Salon visit.