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“I believe a man is measured by the legacy that he leaves to his family, his friends, and his community.”- Irving Siegel.  

For the founder of Hamilton Jewelers, Irving Siegel, supporting the community was (and still is) paramount. To this day, we at Hamilton are passionate about helping and supporting small businesses because after all, that is how we started. While it may seem small, choosing to shop locally can create a positive ripple effect in your community.  

Shopping locally has become a popular trend in recent years as people are more aware of the benefits it brings. Whether you are in need of a gift or are in the mood for some retail therapy why not make a point of staying close to home? 

Keeps Money in the Community

When shoppers purchase from local businesses, their money is reinvested back into the local economy, providing resources and stability for the area. In comparison to shopping at a big box store where money spent is funneled out to corporations and larger companies located elsewhere, shopping locally is often returned to the community in the form of taxes, salaries, and purchases to other local businesses.  

For example, for every $100 dollars spent at a small business, $68 dollars will matriculate throughout the community. The same $100 dollars spent at a big box store or chain sees only $43 dollars stay within the community. By making these small decisions, consumers truly can make a significant impact. 

It Creates Jobs

Shopping locally has a powerful impact on job creation as well. According to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, spending $100 at an independent store creates three times as many jobs compared to a chain store. This is because locally owned businesses employ local people and often have deeper connections with their communities.  

Unique Products

Local stores offer more distinctive products than what you would find in large chain stores or big box retailers. You can often find items that have been handmade locally, or ones that are sourced from regional artisans and craftspeople. This means you will have the opportunity to purchase items that are exclusive to your local area, rather than items that can be found anywhere, and may not hold special value.  

Local stores are able to find unique items because they spend more time working with small-scale artisans, vendors, and designers who specialize in specialized goods. They also invest time in researching the types of items their customers want so they can bring them in on a regular basis.  

A Better Experience and A Better Community

Shopping locally offers an intimate and personal experience. We have all had those shopping days where we are on the hunt to find a few perfect gifts and only coming up empty handed. Imagine entering a boutique, bookstore, or jewelry store and being met with expertise and passion for the products being sold. A place where the owner or employee knows the exact perfect book for your dad. Or the perfect bracelet for your mom. The best bottle of wine in your budget for your girlfriend. When you shop locally you are also purchasing expertise and attention to detail, something chain stores struggle to offer.  

Shopping locally will not only leave you walking away feeling more fulfilled, but communities who have thriving small businesses are “healthier, wealthier, and wiser”, according to the Institute for Local Self-Reliance. There is a "collective efficacy” to an area with a dense small business population. Residents vote more, make decisions, and take action for the collective good. Who would not want to contribute to such a positive ripple effect?  

Highlighting our Locations

Speaking of intimate, personalized, and expert driven shopping experiences, Hamilton Jewelers specializes in finding that perfect something for you or a loved one. That is why we are going to highlight some special products from each of our locations for you to peruse.  

Princeton, New Jersey. Home of the Tigers

Our flagship store, as well as Hamilton Home, are both located in Princeton, NJ, home of the Princeton University Tigers! Hamilton Jewelers has an array of Princeton inspired merchandise from home goods to jewelry. The perfect locally inspired gift for you or any graduate in your life. 

Princeton Shield Cuff Links


Exclusive Princeton Tiger Tray


14K Yellow Gold Enamal Orange and Black Cuff Bracelet


The Sunshine State

Our other two locations are located in Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Home of warm sun, sandy beaches, and coral. We have a line of coral jewelry and home goods that represent our second, beloved home in the Sunshine State.

Oscar Heyman Platinum and Coral Earrings


Coral Bookends


H3: 18K Gold and Coral Jelly Fish Charm, Exclusive to Hamilton Jewelers


Come shop in any of our locations for locally inspired gifts today!