Luxury Watches for Active Lifestyles

Many of us lead adventurous, active lifestyles alongside our work lives. That's why we know that sometimes, you need a sleek, dependable watch that can hold up outside the boardroom. Luxury doesn't have to mean fragile. Here, we'll go over the best durable, luxury watch options for those with active lifestyles. From the marathon-running executive to the deep sea-diving consultant, we've got you covered. Tough watches for altitude aficionadosIWC Big Pilot's Top Gun Watch For those of you who like to take to the skies, an altitude-friendly watch is a must. No matter if you're a pilot, a skydiver or a paraglider, it's crucial to have a watch that functions at its optimal level even at optimal heights. For those practicing air sports, it's also important to choose a watch with all-around durability. Pilot's watches are often considered to be the epitome of style, but before becoming style icons, their origins were in durability. Watches for altitude seekers need to be strong enough to resist quick changes in altitude. Style and durability can indeed go hand in hand: that's why we recommend our IWC Big Pilot watch. It's perfect for both high altitude and high society. Durable luxury watches for water enthusiasts While not all water sports are alike, they all involve one important element when it comes to choosing a watch: water resistance. Luxurious, water-tough watches are perfect for sailors, scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers. For those of you whose adventures take us to shallower waters - i.e., swimming or scuba diving - we suggest that you opt for a watch with 50 to 100 meters of resistance. However, if you're looking for a watch that can swim with you to the depths of the sea, water resistance is more important. You'll want to choose a watch with more than 200 meters of resistance. If you're looking to learn more about deep-sea strength watches, we also have a more in-depth blog post about understanding the key functions of a divers watch. For your watch options, we carry the Victorinox Swiss Army I.N.O.X. Professional Diver Model, which is an excellent option for divers who want to explore in style. Sport-strong luxury watchesG-Shock MT-G MTGB1000 While some adventures take you to high heights or to the deep ocean, we know that many of you need a watch that can stick with you through expeditions right here on land. For those of you who are mountaineers, climbers, runners or skiers, you'll want to choose a watch that scores high in all-around durability. This means that the watch should be water-resistant, lightweight and will continue to thrive in extremely low temperatures. It should also be shock-proof and, ideally, look sleek enough to transition from the mountain to haute couture. For all-around athletes, we recommend our G-Shock MTGB-1000 watch. It's durable, water resistant to 200 meters, and is guaranteed to keep you looking stylish. If you're looking to adventure in style, Hamilton Jewelers has your back. We invite you to browse our selection of durable, luxury watches - either via our website, in-store or in one of our locations.