Flower Power: The Joy of Floral-Themed Jewelry

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Spring. It represents new beginnings, rebirth, and life. The world explodes into a technicolor dreamscape as the trees start to wake from their winter slumber, and the flowers break the ground stretching towards the sun in a display of unique shapes and hues. There are understandably many elements to the spring season that have served as a muse for jewelry designers for years, particularly floral jewelry which dates back centuries. It is a trend that is forever. A little piece of eternal spring to wear in celebration of the season or when you might need a little pick me up during those dull winter months.  

So let us tiptoe through the tulips as we celebrate the end of winter and admire the enduring appeal of floral jewelry and why it is a trend that will never go out of style.  

History of Floral Jewelry

The timeless beauty of floral jewelry dates back centuries. Its origins can be traced to the ancient Egyptians, who adorned themselves with floral jewelry to celebrate the fertility of the Nile during The Beautiful Festival of Opet. As the trend spread across Europe and into Asia, exotic flowers such as the lotus, lily, and jasmine were popularly depicted in ornate pieces of jewelry. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, floral motifs became even more prominent in jewelry design due to the romantic sensibilities of the time, with nature-inspired pieces becoming a symbol of love and devotion. The floral jewelry that was made during this period saw an increase in the use of colored gemstones, giving the wearer the opportunity to express themselves through wearing a more realistic portrayal of flowers where a secret message came with it (more on that in a bit). From diamond tiaras to delicate pendants, every imaginable adornment featured beautiful flowery designs. 

The popularity of floral jewelry has only increased over time, with modern jewelry designers taking inspiration from its vintage roots. Today, you can find pieces that range from classic solitaire earrings to bold statement necklaces, all featuring an array of captivating blooms. Whether crafted in precious metals or colorful gemstones, these floral pieces are sure to evoke a sense of romance and nostalgia in any wearer. 

A New Language Blossoms

Now that we know how floral jewelry has evolved since its humble beginnings, the Victorian Era took it to new heights. During a time where being chaste was of the highest priority, particular flowers and their colors took on to mean many different thoughts, emotions, and sentiments. When these thoughts dare not be spoken, gifting particular flowers in a certain combination of colors delivered the message loud and clear. 

This ultimately impacted the creation of floral jewelry. To this day, roses can be found around Valentine’s Day in both their natural form as well as in jewelry. That is because roses and all their varying colors came to represent the different phases of love. A red rose was said to communicate “I love you.” The yellow rose? Not so much. The yellow rose represented a loss or decrease in romantic feeling. Daisies represented innocence. Gardenia’s represented secret love. Forget-me-nots? Well, that one is self-explanatory.  

The list goes on and on, and in some form, these flowers were carved into different pieces of jewelry adorning the necks, clothing, wrists, and fingers of many people. Brides even used flowers and floral jewelry to use as symbols for their nuptials. Flowers or floral jewelry were usually white signifying purity and new beginnings. 

Overall, floral jewelry has a long history of being used to express sentiment and symbolize momentous events. From ancient times to the present day, floral jewelry continues to be a timeless trend that speaks volumes about its wearer. 

Ways to Incorporate Floral Jewelry

Not sold on wearing floral jewels yet? Hamilton can help you tap into your inner romantic, and find a piece tailored perfectly for your style. From bridal to bohemian there is something for everyone. 

For the Bride

For the spring bride, the botanist bride, or a bride looking for a vintage glam inspired look, these floral inspired pieces are perfect for a wedding. 

White Gold and Rose Cut Diamond Earrings

These earrings will bring the drama to your big day. With their beautiful and artfully carved rose cut diamonds these will be sure to stun.  


White Gold Marquise and Diamond Floral Bracelet

A beautiful addition to any bride’s look. This diamond floral bracelet from Hamilton’s private reserve boasts marquise and brilliant cut diamonds in a floral shape. The diamonds weigh 20.38tcw.


Diamond Sunflower Pendant

This beautiful sunflower pendant necklace is a beautiful bridal accessory. The sunflower is the birth flower for the month of July. So, if you are tying the knot in July or you were born in July this necklace is the perfect symbol for the summer bride!


For the Bohemian

If your eye is drawn to pops of color, nontraditional stones, or hip layering of pieces of jewelry, these floral pieces may be just what you need to spruce up your spring collection!

Jane Taylor Turquoise Floral Earrings

These earrings add a pop of color for spring and are the perfect amount of funk. Turquoise also falls at a 6 on the Mohs scale, making them good for daily wear.


Rondel Jewelry Enamel Flower Charm

The perfect little colorful nod to spring is this Rondel Jewelry enamel flower charm. Boasting a neon purple simple floral shape, this is the perfect celebration of the season for anyone who loves a good storytelling charm bracelet. This charm also comes in white!


Jane Taylor Turquoise and Ruby Necklace

Perfect for layering and giving your neck a proper ode to spring with a bohemian vibe, this necklace is made of 14k yellow gold with a string of whimsical turquoise and ruby flowers.


For the Love of Vintage

Hamilton Jewelers appreciate the classics of design and the history behind a piece of fine jewelry. If your eye is drawn more to jewelry with a story or pieces that hearken back to another era, these may be the perfect floral accessory.

18k White Gold and Diamond Flower Studs

These diamond beauties are sure to sparkle all year long! Each stud boasts 6 pear shaped diamonds, or petals, creating a beautiful flower. The total carat weight is 1.20 carats.


Fancy Yellow Diamond Flower Ring

This ring screams of those beautiful and ornate cocktail rings that were in fashion during the 1950’s and 1960’s. Its classic design and use of colored diamonds gives it an added old-world glam sure to stand out in any spring ensemble.


Check out Hamilton's wares and try on some spring pieces!