Classic Bridal Jewelry: What Do Brides Wear?

Fine Jewelry For The Traditional Bride On Her Wedding Day

“Classic” and “Traditional” brides are not old fashioned or out of style— they are timeless. These women showcase a respected elegance on their wedding day that will never be dated. From the quintessential white A-line or ball gown dress to the flowing veil, this is a bride who will always look regal and collected. The jewelry she selects for the day is refined and smart.

Pearls: The Ultimate Fine Jewelry For The Classic Bride

Unless a bride is showcasing heirloom golden South Sea pearls, the white luster of a pearl’s surface is the ideal complement to any wedding dress. They showcase elegance reserved for a refined modern woman like Audrey Hepburn or Jackie Kennedy without taking attention away from the diamond engagement ring. One of the most beautiful features is that pearls come in many different shapes and even colors. Brides who wish to remain completely traditional may keep to perfectly round pearls, while those who want a slightly modern edge may choose a piece with baroque shape without losing the classic aesthetic.

Pearl Necklaces The Classic Bridal Staple Piece

One thing to keep in mind with necklaces on a wedding day is to choose one with a length appropriate to the neckline of the dress. Pearl necklaces 15-18 inches are usually suitable for a strapless or off the shoulder neckline, but longer pearls can be just as lovely for a “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” grace.

Pearl Bracelets That Give A Touch Of Glamour

Pearl bracelets add a beautiful detail to a woman’s wrist, drawing the eye toward the hand and ultimately the engagement ring. Depending on the bride’s personal taste, she can don a single bracelet or stack them for modern flare.

Pearl Earrings For Minimal Elegance

Pearl earrings are a staple for any bride. The classic bride will choose small earrings that add a touch of glamour to frame the face.

Diamond Jewelry For A Traditional Bride With Sparkle

Diamonds are the other staple gems of the classic bride, in keeping with the traditional white of her attire. The trick with diamonds is to add sparkle without taking the attention away from the diamond on the engagement ring.

Diamond Pendants That Dazzle For A Wedding

As with pearls, diamond pendants and the length of their chain depend on the cut of the dress’ neckline. For a classic bride simple pendants or religious pendants will work best for her wedding day.

Diamond Bracelets For Complementary Brilliance

Bracelets with diamonds, while beautiful, should not overpower the bride’s wrist and take attention away from the engagement ring. Delicate tennis bracelets or thin cuffs with diamond accents, will add the desired sparkle and keep the look collected.

Traditional Style Diamond Earrings To Frame The Face

As with pearls, diamond earrings should add a touch of brilliance and shine to frame the bride’s face. Classic brides will opt for diamond studs or small earrings, but smaller diamond hoops are also fitting for the day.

Something Blue, Something Sparkly, Always Classic

One way a classic bride can add a touch of color to her wedding day jewelry is to choose a piece to stand in for her “something blue.” This adds a touch of sparkle and color, while keeping to tradition.

Blue Pendants & Necklaces To Highlight The Classic Saying

Forget the blue garter, classic brides can show off their “something blue” where everyone will notice it: around the neck. Remember to keep this dainty and simple so that it doesn’t overpower the traditional “white” aesthetic or look out of place.

Fine Blue Gemmed Bracelets For A Wedding

Having blue on the wrist gives a lovely sparkle in color. The traditional color is showcased without stealing the show of the diamond ring.

Understated Fine Blue Earrings

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